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Rupert Pople - business founder

After completing a BSc in Management in 2016, Rupert Pople tried a range of employment experiences before founding his own company.

Here he tells us his story:

 "Since graduating I have been through a whirlwind of employment experiences. From working in a pub to being a marketing intern in a tech startup and part of an insurance underwriting team at Lloyds of London.

I tried and tested many career routes in a short time. Finally, I found my dream position, working for myself as an affiliate marketer for companies such as Amazon. I founded Secured Smartly, which is dedicated to providing users with the most complete information about home security.

My advice to anyone who is unsure about the career path they wish to take is to push yourself to go for something but not be afraid to depart from this. There is such pressure to find something and stick with it in the job market. It can be very easy to get stuck in something that you do not feel happy with, as I found with past jobs.

Whatever you want to do, especially if it is bold, you should have a plan to gain knowledge that works. For me, it was a friend who had success at affiliate marketing and was working in the dream job that I sought. There is nothing better than following the advice of someone with a confirmed history of achieving your goal. You will also need hard work and application". 



My degree definitely helped me to achieve the dream goal of working for myself and creating my own business. The marketing modules were contemporary and helped me to understand concepts and key terms, providing a solid base to enter the online marketing world. I felt I was in a strong position to truly grasp how the industry works.
Rupert Pople, BSc Management



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