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Law Careers Fair

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Welcome to the Law Careers Fair

Open to all students and graduates, this event brought together law firms, professional bodies and legal education providers all in one place.

If you're committed to a career in law, you can explore which practice areas and firms interest you as well as comparing course providers, if you need to take a conversion course. 

Your next steps

This fair has now finished. Below you can find a list of the organisations that attended and see their current vacancies on MyCareer.


How to get the most out of the fair

If you're new to our fairs, read our tips to help you prepare and make sure you get the most out of this event.

  • Do your research - Make sure you look into the employers you're interested in speaking to. What do they do? What jobs and internships are they offering? What subjects are they recruiting students from?
  • Prepare some questions - The fair gives you the opportunity to ask questions and show potential employers your interest in their organisation. Come up with some good questions that show the recruiter you are interested in the company and that you have done some prior research.
  • Plan your time - Make sure you plan who you would like to speak to and if they are particularly busy you can always speak to someone else on your list while you wait.
  • Be open to new ideas - Look at what each company and role offers. Who knows, you could find something you haven't considered before.

Which firms and education providers attended?

To find out more about the firms that attended, their practice areas and any current vacancies follow the links below to view their profiles on MyCareer:


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