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Judith Ramage

Associate Professor Cancer Immunology, Course Director for MSc in Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology, Teaching Lead for Division of Cancer and Stem Cells, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Dr Judith Ramage is an Associate Professor within the Division of Cancer and Stem Cells, in the School of Medicine, at the university of Nottingham

She graduated from Glasgow University with a BSc in Immunology. She then went on to study Immunolgical T cell memory for her PhD in Professor Hill Gastons laboratory, initially at Birmingham University then at Cambridge University.

She moved to The University of Nottingham for her first postdoc within the group of Professor Lindy Durrant to study the molecular mechanisms of Cancer vaccine targeting.

In 2005 Dr Ramage designed and set up the only Msc in the Country focusing on tumour Immunology (MSc Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology). She is the course director of this course as well as the module convenor of the cancer vaccine module. Dr Ramage is also the teaching lead for the Division of Cancer and Stem cells.

Her work has specifically focused on the study of the avidity of T cell responses to self antigens as well examining the methods of altering both positive and negative co-stimulatory molecules on tumour targets and the abilty of T cells to transmigrate into the tumour.

Teaching Summary

Course Director Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology

Cancer Vaccines module Convenor

I initiated, designed and setup the only Cancer Immunology course in the UK. This course was established to met the rapid growth of cancer immunotherapy. The course is extremely popular with over 80 applicants per years. The course is intended to advance the students' knowledge of tumour immunology and to appreciate the contribution of immunological mechanisms to the development of anti-cancer therapies. We take on a maximum of 15 students per year. Students are trained to carry out critical evaluation of scientific papers and to develop the ability to report and interpret results. In addition they carry out a 6 month research project. The course attracts high calibre students and this is demonstrated through the grades achieved by the students on the course. Graduates have progressed to PhD study in laboratories around the world, in leading Immuno-Biotech companies, including Medimmune and the NIH laboratories headed by Steve Rosenberg. Indeed we have found this to be a good source of obtaining high calibre PhD students for the school.

Research Summary

Dr Ramage is a T cell tumour immunologist whose current areas of research are:

1. understanding the mechanisms of antigen specific T cell migration into tumours

2. generating monoclonal antibodies to tetraspanins expressed on T cells

Recent Publications

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