Centre for Cancer Sciences

Cancer research

The Centre for Cancer Sciences, which is part of the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, hosts laboratory research groups that focus on the cancer microenvironment. In particular:

  • the interface between tumour cells and their environment
  • cancer immunology
  • the way cancer spreads
  • how tumours overcome damage by anti-cancer treatments

We investigate disease using primary cells, complex 3D and in vivo models, and other cancer related cells such as immune, vascular and stromal cells.

Our research groups


Research Priority Areas

The University has five Global Research Themes addressing the key challenges of our age. By harnessing our world-class research across a range of disciplines and building global partnerships, we are placing our University at the heart of real progress in shaping the future. Our centre closely aligns to the  Health and Wellbeing Global Research Theme.


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Centre for Cancer Sciences

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