Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

Theme 3 - Cultural and Societal Background

Third, we use cross-cultural experiments to study the role of cultural influences on strong reciprocity and how culture interacts with incentive structures: when does culture matter for cooperation?



Works in Progress:

  • Schulz, Jonathan Kin Networks and Institutional Development
  • Gächter, Simon, Jonathan Schulz and Christian Thöni, “The Complementarity of Good Institutions and Voluntary Cooperation: Experimental Evidence from 43 Societies”
  • Funaki, Yukihiko, Simon Gächter, Masao Ogaki, Fumio Ohtake, and Robert Veszteg "Detrimental Effects of Peer Punishment in Japan."
  • Weber, Till, Benjamin Beranek, Simon Gächter, Fatima Lambarraa, and Jonathan Schulz, “Voluntary Cooperation in WEIRD and Non-WEIRD Societies: The Roles of Preferences, Beliefs, and Punishment”
  • Beranek, BenjaminSimon Gächter, and Lucas Molleman "Culture of Honor Revisited: Examining Punishment Behavior of US Southerners in Social Dilemmas"

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