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Chris Starmer photograph
Director of CeDEx
BA (Birmingham Polytechnic) MA, PhD (East Anglia)

Research interests
My primary research interests lie in the development of descriptive models decision making (both individual and strategic) through the application of a mixture of theoretical and experimental methods. I also have an ongoing interest in experimental methodology and in research at the interface of psychology and economics.

Co-Director of CeDEx
BSc, MA (University of Genoa) MSc (Essex) PhD (Nottingham)

Research interests
Behavioural and experimental economics; public economics; organisational and labour economics; contract theory; game theory.

Jose_Guinot_Saporta 120 x 144

Jose Guinot Saporta

Lab Manager for CeDEx and CRIBS
BA, MSc (Universitat Jaume I Castellon), PhD (Reading)                                                      
Research interests
Jose is responsible for the two experimental labs based in the School of Economics and Nottingham Business School, and he is interested in agent-based modelling and behavioural science.

Suzanne-Robey image
Administrator for CeDEx and ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science                      
BA (De Montfort University), MA (Nottingham Trent)                       
Suzanne is responsible for the administration of CeDEx and NIBS, including website, communications, event and finances, and is a member of both Management Groups.



PhD (Toulouse) 
Research interests
My resarch interests are: electoral competition and economic policies; Coalition formation and collective choice; Game theory.

Photo of Abigail Barr
BA (Sheffield), MA (Warwick), PhD (Oxford)  
Research interests
The socially embedded individual; the role of other-regarding preferences in individual decision-making; how people set up and hold each other to mutually beneficial agreements; citizens' willingness and ability to hold public service providers to account; and the factors and mechanisms determining individual preferences and values.

Guillermo Cruces from Web
BA (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella), MSc & PhD (LSE)

Research interests
My research interests are: Labor and Public Economics in Developing Countries, Behavioral Economics, Field Experiments

BA, MPhil, DPhil (Oxford)

Research interests
Individual decision-making; Foundations and applications of game theory; Experimental economics; Current specific research topics include the theoretical and experimental investigation of individual decision-making (especially in situations involving risk, time, or both), the role of experimental research in economics and modelling players' mutual knowledge in games.

MA, PhD (Vienna)

Research interests
Behavioural and experimental economics; Voluntary cooperation, free riding, and punishment; Social comparisons and wage formation; Behavioural properties of incentive contracts; Loss aversion; Social interaction effects.


John Gathergood 120 x 144 size
MSc, PhD (Nottingham)
Research interests
John has served as an expert adviser to the Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority and the UK Treasury on topics related to Household Finance. Much of his research involves collaborations with firms and policymakers.



BA (Salamanca) Dipl (NAKE) PhD (Tilburg)

Research interests
Bargaining; Coalition formation; Voting games; Social preferences; Noncooperative foundations; Partition function games.


BA (Cambridge) PhD (Iowa)

Research interests
Martin is an active member of the CeDEx group and his research interests include: Industrial Organisation; Social Dilemmas; and Game Theory.                                                                                                     


BA (Oxon) MSc, PhD (London)

Research interests
Daniel's research interests include: Multilateral bargaining; Committee voting; Signalling; and Evidence Law.


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Associate Professors


BSc (Mauritius), MSc (Nottingham), PhD (Nottingham)
Research Interests
Behavioural Economics & Experimental Economics (Chinese Economic Psychology; Decision Making under Risk; Compliance with the Law/Regulation; Tax Evasion/Compliance).




Dipl, MA (Moscow) PhD (Tilburg)

Research interests
Game theory; Learning and evolution in games; Evolution of preferences; Learning and evolution in Bayesian games.


Diplom-Volkswirt (Bonn) PhD (Erfurt)

Research interests
Experimental economics; Behavioural economics; Organizational economics; Social norms; Game theory and applied microeconomics.


PhD (LSE) 

Research interests
Applied game theory, norms, theoretical models of parent-child interactions, endogenous preferences, incentives, contracts, industrial economics.


Fabio Tufano updated Nov 2018 120 x 144
PhD (Nottingham)

Research interests
Behavioural and Experimental Economics; Game theory; Organizational Economics; Public economics. Current specific research topics include: Economics of science and reproducibility; Group cohesion and social identity; Robustness and stability of economic preferences; Cooperation and social dilemmas.


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 Assistant Professors 


Tom-Lane 120 x 144 May 2017

Dr Tom Lane          

BA (Birmingham), MA & PhD (Nottingham)
Research interests
Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics, Cultural economics, Subjective Wellbeing, Discrimination, Social Norms.


BA, PhD (California) 
Research Interests
My interests are Applied Economics, Behavioral Economics and Microeconomic Theory.  My thesis was on time, risk & peer preferences.



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Research/Teaching Fellows


Orestis 120 x 144 CeDEx
MSc (Amsterdam), PhD (Nottingham)
Research interests
My research focuses on studying the underpinnings of human decision making with an emphasis on decisions under risk or uncertainty. My commitment as a behavioural economist is to contribute to academic research that translates directly to practical impact and policy recommendations. To this end I elicit risky behaviour in the lab under the naturalistic environment of the decisions from experience paradigm. I am also interested in methodological questions such as maximising the predictive ability of decision models like Cumulative Prospect Theory through different elicitation and estimation techniques. The policy-oriented part of my work involves field experiments centred on medical decision making biases with the goal of improving related health policies.



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