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Chris Starmer photograph
Co-Director of CeDEx
BA (Birmingham Polytechnic) MA, PhD (East Anglia)

Research interests
My primary research interests lie in the development of descriptive models decision making (both individual and strategic) through the application of a mixture of theoretical and experimental methods. I also have an ongoing interest in experimental methodology and in research at the interface of psychology and economics.


Robin Cubitt-2023

Professor Robin Cubitt                               

Co-Director of CeDEx
BA, MPhil, DPhil (Oxford)

Research interests
Individual decision-making; Foundations and applications of game theory; Experimental economics; Current specific research topics include the theoretical and experimental investigation of individual decision-making (especially in situations involving risk, time, or both), the role of experimental research in economics and modelling players' mutual knowledge in games.

joseguinotsaporta updated
Lab Manager for CeDEx and CRIBS
BA, MSc (Universitat Jaume I Castellon), PhD (Reading)                                             
Research interests
Jose is responsible for the two experimental labs based in the School of Economics and Nottingham Business School, and he is interested in agent-based modelling and behavioural science.
Project Manager - CeDEx
BA Hons (SOAS, University of London); MA (University of Nottingham)

Samantha is responsible for the day-to-day management and coordination of CeDEx as well as providing specialist support, advice and guidance to Centre staff, students and visitors.


Photo of Abigail Barr
BA (Sheffield), MA (Warwick), PhD (Oxford)  
Research interests
The socially embedded individual; the role of other-regarding preferences in individual decision-making; how people set up and hold each other to mutually beneficial agreements; citizens' willingness and ability to hold public service providers to account; and the factors and mechanisms determining individual preferences and values.

Guillermo Cruces from Web
BA (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella), MSc & PhD (LSE)

Research interests
My research interests are: Labor and Public Economics in Developing Countries, Behavioral Economics, Field Experiments

MA, PhD (Vienna)

Research interests
Behavioural and experimental economics; Voluntary cooperation, free riding, and punishment; Social comparisons and wage formation; Behavioural properties of incentive contracts; Loss aversion; Social interaction effects.


John Gathergood 120 x 144 size
MSc, PhD (Nottingham)
Research interests
John has served as an expert adviser to the Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority and the UK Treasury on topics related to Household Finance. Much of his research involves collaborations with firms and policymakers.


DPhil (Oxford)
Research interests
David is Professor of Industrial Economics at Nottingham University Business School. His areas of expertise are: Uncertainty, Ambiguity, Law and Economics, and Corporate Governance.


BA (Salamanca) Dipl (NAKE) PhD (Tilburg)

Research interests
Bargaining; Coalition formation; Voting games; Social preferences; Noncooperative foundations; Partition function games.


BA (Cambridge) PhD (Iowa)

Research interests
Martin is an active member of the CeDEx group and his research interests include: Industrial Organisation; Social Dilemmas; and Game Theory.                                                                                                     


BA (Oxon) MSc, PhD (London)

Research interests
Daniel's research interests include: Multilateral bargaining; Committee voting; Signalling; and Evidence Law.


Research interests
Applied game theory, norms, theoretical models of parent-child interactions, endogenous preferences, incentives, contracts, industrial economics.

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Research interests
I work mostly in the field of information economics. A chunk of my current research deals with the workings of financial markets.

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Associate Professors

Ioana Chioveanu
PhD (Barcelona)
Research interests
Applied Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Economics, Competition and Consumer Protection Policy, Bounded Rationality


BSc (Mauritius), MSc (Nottingham), PhD (Nottingham)
Research Interests
Behavioural Economics & Experimental Economics (Chinese Economic Psychology; Decision Making under Risk; Compliance with the Law/Regulation; Tax Evasion/Compliance).


BA, MA (Tartu) MA, PhD (Northwestern)
Research interests
I am a microeconomic theorist and I mainly study optimal selling mechanisms and how individuals interact in sequential settings. My work on mechanism design explores questions related to ticket pricing by airlines, refund policies by retailers, and optimal auctions under various circumstances. My research on sequential interactions includes sequential contests, Stackelberg oligopolies, and price-setting on a supply chain network.  

Dipl, MA (Moscow) PhD (Tilburg)

Research interests
Game theory; Learning and evolution in games; Evolution of preferences; Learning and evolution in Bayesian games.


Diplom-Volkswirt (Bonn) PhD (Erfurt)

Research interests
Experimental economics; Behavioural economics; Organizational economics; Social norms; Game theory and applied microeconomics.

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 Assistant Professors 


Tom-Lane 120 x 144 May 2017

Dr Tom Lane          

BA (Birmingham), MA & PhD (Nottingham)
Research interests
Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics, Cultural economics, Subjective Wellbeing, Discrimination, Social Norms.


BA, MA (Tartu) MA PhD (Northwestern)
Research interests
My research is in empirical industrial organization and digital economics. I study consumer behavior in the grocery market, including topics related to the demand for healthy and unhealthy foods, the demand for alcohol, and the health consequences of public policies. My research in digital economics uses experiments to measure contributions to online public goods and the real-world impact of online information repositories such as Wikipedia.

Devesh Rustagi
BA (Delhi) MA (Pune & Dortmund/Ardhi) PhD (Zurich)
Research interests
My research falls largely at the intersection of development economics and political economy. I study the origins and stability of civic values and institutions, how these forces interact, and the effect this interaction has on economic outcomes. I then build on these insights to design and evaluate public policies. I achieve this by combining quasi-experimental approaches and randomized field experiments with behavioral experiments. My current projects are based in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, and Switzerland.

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BA, PhD (California) 
Research Interests
My interests are Applied Economics, Behavioral Economics and Microeconomic Theory.  My thesis was on time, risk & peer preferences.


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BA & MS (New Delhi), PhD (Ohio)
Research Interests
Arjun's interests are: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Behaviour, and Public Goods  

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Research/Teaching Fellows


Alex Botsis from Econ Pages b
PhD (Birmingham)
Research interests
Survey Data; Expectations; Micro-econometrics; Macroeconomics and Financial linkages; Uncertainty; Behavioral Economics


PhD (Nottingham)
Research Interests
My research interests are in consumer decision-making and organisational culture in financial services, and lie at the intersection of economics, psychology and finance. My work is motivated by insights from behavioural economics to answer policy-relevant questions. In my research, I aim to understand how and why consumers make decisions, including behavioural biases that affect their decisions, and to provide policy recommendations to improve consumer welfare. I use microeconometrics, experimental methods in the laboratory and field, and machine learning techniques to identify causal relationships and answer research questions.

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