Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

External Fellows

Professor of Economics, Monash University
Research interests
Experimental Economics, Applied Game Theory, Behavioural Economics,Political Economy,Development Economics.

Johannes Abeler Photo
Lecturer in Economics, University of Oxford
Research interests
Johannes' research interests include - behavioural and experimental economics, labour economics,and public economics.

Associate Professor of Economics and Management at the University of Minnesota, Morris
Research interests
Behavioural economics, experimental economics, behavioural economic field experiments and the economics of the US trucking industry.

Senior Lecturer - Economics, RMIT University
Research interests
Behavioural economics; experimental economics; cross-cultural economics and economic behaviour in computer-mediated communication environments.


Eugen Dimant 120 x 144
Postdoctoral Researcher in the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program and the Behavioral Ethics Lab at the University of Pennsylvania
Research interests
Experimental behavioural economics with a particular focus on behavioural ethics, social norms and behavioural contagion; Economics of migration, terrorism, crime and corruption.


Urs Fischbacher
Chair of Applied Research in Economics, Universitat Konstanz
Research interests
Experimental economics, behavioural economics, neuroeconomics, economic policy, social norms and social preferences .


Marcus Giamattei photo 120 x 144
PostDoc Researcher at the Chair in Economic Theory, University of Passau
Research interests
Behavioural and experimental economics, experimental macroeconomics, classroom experiments and experimental teaching, experimental ethics and corruption.


Roberto Hernan Gonzalez Photo
Professor at the Burgundy School of Business, France
Research interests
My research and teaching interests extend to the intersection among organizational behaviour, information systems, market finance and management.


Robert Hoffmann photograph
Professor of Economics, RMIT University
Research Interests
Behavioural game theory, evolution of cooperation, economics of culture and religion, Chinese economic behaviour.


Economics Faculty, University of Osnabrück
Research interests
Steve has research interests in experimental and theoretical approaches to the study of economic decision-making.


Marie Curie Research Fellow (2015-2017) and CeDEx Visiting Scholar (2014-2015)
Research interests
Ozan's research interests are "Behavioural and Experimental Economics: Cooperation; Honesty; Social Norms; and Framing Effects"


Photo of Felix Kolle
PostDoc at the Chair for Economics: Design and Behavior at the University of Cologne
Research interests
Felix has research interests in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, (Applied) Microeconomics, Labour and Personnel Economics.


Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
Research interests
Lucas' research interests are: Cooperation; Social learning; Cultural evolution; Experimental economics; and Individual decision-making.


Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley
Research interests
Competition in online markets, Elections and polling, Communication in organisations and Experimental economics.


Professor of Behavioural Game Theory, University of Amsterdam
Research interests
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics and Game Theory. Recent research has focused on auctions, positive and negative reciprocity, public goods, strategic communication (cheap talk and signaling) and discrimination.


Department of Economics, University of Mannheim
Research interests
Professor Orzen's research interests are: experimental economics, applied game theory and industrial organisations.


Ulrich Schmidt Photograph
Kiel Instute for the World Economy and Department of Economics, University of Kiel
Research interests
Ulrich's research interests include decision theory, experimental economics, and economics of risk and uncertainty.


Photo of Jonathan Schulz
Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, Yale University
Research interests
My research is in the field of behavioural and experimental economics. I am interested in cultural differences in behaviour, the evolutionary origins of human cooperation and overconfidence.


Reinhard Selten Photo
Research Coordinator at the University of Bonn
Research interests
Professor Selton's research interests were: theories of bounded rationality; game theory and its applications; and experimental economics.

Sadly, Professor Selten passed away on 23 August 2016.


Professor at the University of Lausanne
Research interests
Christian's research interests include the following: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, and Game Theory.


Dennie van Dolder

Dr Dennie van Dolder

Department of Finance at Faculty of Economics and Business at VU University Amsterdam
Research interests
Behavioural economics, experimental economics, natural & field experiments, social preferences, cooperative behaviour, game theory, social networks, decision making under risk and uncertainty.


Ori_Weisel Photo
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University
Research interests
Determinants of intra- and inter-group conflict and cooperation; group decision making (in particular in economic settings); cooperation and competition in social dilemmas under uncertainty.


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