Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

Research Impact

Behavioural science research is increasingly recruited by public and private sector organisations to improve organisational performance and enhance human and environmental welfare.  CeDEx, therefore, adapts insights and methods from behavioural science into tools for use by non-academic partners toward these ends. 

The Centre’s external engagements provide Partners with consultancy rooted in empirical behavioural research, enabling CeDEx to showcase the societal and economic impact of the Centre’s work.

Partnerships range from short-term collaborations aimed at addressing a single challenge, to long-term, ongoing collaborations that bring behavioural science insights to bear on a range of issues.  Our partners to date include local government, large firms, SMEs, development agencies and other public sector organisations. 
For more information, to access behavioural science tools, or to inquire about engaging with CeDEx, please contact the CeDEx Project Manager.

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Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics

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