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Spotlight on Professor Bob Sugden

Professor Bob Sugden, School of Economics at the University of East Anglia, is wild about behavioural economics but that's not his only passion.  In a recent blog article Bob shares a little of what inspired him to move into this field of research, and also talks about his other love - for wild plants and gardening.  Bob commenced his career at UEA in 1985 and Professor Chirs Starmer (Director of CeDEx) became one of his PhD students (graduating in 1992).  Bob maintains working links with Chris and other colleagues at Nottingham, most recently through his involvement with the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS) project, where he's been a Co-Investigator since its inception in December 2012.  As Bob turns 70 later this year, we would like to wish him many more years of working on how to do normative analysis when individuals don’t have the well-defined, consistent preferences that economics has traditionally assumed - a problem he identifies in the blog post as being especially challenging.    

Posted on Monday 18th March 2019

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