Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

Education and information exchange

The over-arching aim of the CEVM is to increase the awareness and use of evidence-based principles in the veterinary profession. Therefore education—postgraduate and undergraduate—about evidence-based veterinary medicine, what it is, and how to implement the principles into practice, is an important aspect of our work.

The CEVM team has spoken at a number of national conferences (e.g. BSAVA, SPVS, BEVA, BCVA) and is now being asked to speak at international conferences. We are also running workshops for educators and practitioners about EVM.

Vet examining dogFor information of future courses follow us on twitter or keep an eye on our news page. As well as postgraduate education, we have integrated EVM teaching into the veterinary course at Nottingham, to ensure our graduates enter the profession with day one competencies in this field.

Information exchange is the crux of making EVM successful in the veterinary profession. Sharing of ideas, practical tips and research findings between the CEVM and practitioners, and between practitioners is the focus of a lot of our work.

A better understanding of how new evidence spreads most effectively through the profession and changes practice is vital to making EVM successful.

Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

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