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To be able to undertake evidence-based veterinary medicine, veterinary surgeons need good science to support their decision-making. However, as the circumstances and values of the owners, and also the circumstances of the animal, need to be considered, the decision-making process is complex.

Hence, to practise good evidence-based veterinary medicine and understand the decision-making process, we need to study and engage with three populations: veterinary surgeons, owners and animals.

Many questions need answering including:

  • Who owns animals?
  • Where are they kept?
  • Why do owners/farmers seek veterinary attention? No animal can receive EVM if they are never seen by a veterinary surgeon!
  • What is important to owners and farmers, and what do they want from veterinary medicine?
  • What are the problems that vets encounter that need more evidence?

The CEVM currently has various studies addressing some of these issues.

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