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The role of veterinarians and animal owners (farmers) in production animal systems brings unique challenges. It involves individual animal care, but also the maintenance of the health of groups of animals. In addition, there are responsibilities not only for the health of animals on individual farms, but also public health implications in relation to the production of food. It is crucial, therefore, for research to address the various complexities in relation to the evidence, the veterinarian, the farmer and the animal/s.

A variety of production animal projects have been undertaken in this area by both postgraduate and undergraduate students working with the CEVM. The main area of research in this area is a project jointly funded by DairyCo, The University of Nottingham and the CEVM entitled ‘Infectious disease control in dairy cows: Provision of practical guidance on vaccination and biosecurity using a combined approach’ . This project looks to further understand the perceptions of the various stakeholders involved in farm biosecurity and vaccination on farms, primarily focusing on farmers and veterinarians, with a view to overcome these barriers.

Other production animal projects relate to what biosecurity practices are undertaken by veterinarians on farms and how biosecurity is discussed with cattle farmers, and the uptake and use of cattle vaccines on UK farms.

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