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1. Critical appraisal sheets for assessing the quality of journal papers

Here are some appraisal tools which can be useful when reading different study types; they have been adapted from resources on the BestBETs website.  

It can be beneficial to use a checklist of questions when you are reading journal papers to see how well the studies have been undertaken, and therefore whether you can trust the conclusions of the paper.  

Using these sorts of lists makes comparing between papers easier when you have more than one about your specific question:

2. Podcast by CEVM team members - 'Research in Practice - A beginner's guide' as part of the Knowledge Sessions coordinated by RCVS Knowledge.

3. 'How to be an evidence based practitioner' quiz here

Take the quiz to see how evidence-based you are in your practice or workplace.  Compare with others, take it again after making changes, and use it to guide your efforts to keep yourself up to date!

4. VetSRev – database of veterinary systematic reviews

5. BestBETs for Vets – database of evidence summaries or CATs on clinical questions 

You can sign up to receive alerts when a BET in your area of interest is published, or suggest BET questions for us to answer here

6. EBVM Learning tutorial on evidence-based veterinary medicine (created in conjunction with a number of collaborators around the UK and internationally)

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