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The School of Chemistry currently hosts a number of fellows supported by a range of funding bodies. Here you can learn a little more about their research interests and what attracted them to Nottingham. For more details of their research please click on their names.

Dr. Andy Teale   

Royal Society University Research Fellowship
(2011 - present)

Project Title: Ensemble Density-Functional Methods for Near-Degenerate and Excited States

Research Interests

I am a theoretical chemist and my interests are in the development of new approaches in electronic structure theory. We aim to improve the description and understanding of a wide range of molecular properties. In particular, my work aims to use information from high-level ab initio calculations to guide the development of more accurate extensions to density-functional theory. Specifically my interests include:  

Picture of Andy Teale
    • Exploration of the interface between density-functional and ab initio wave function approaches as a tool to improve density-functional approximations 

    • The development of new density-functional methodologies and functionals, especially extensions beyond standard DFT implementations

    • Ensemble density-functional approaches for the description of near-degeneracy effects and excited states

    • Current-density-functional theory for the description of molecules in magnetic fields and their properties
    • The calculation of molecular properties including structural, excited state and magnetic response quantities

Why Nottingham?

I returned to the UK for my fellowship after working abroad for 5 years and a number of factors led me to decide that Nottingham would be an excellent place for a fellowship including:

    • A high quality research environment in the School of Chemistry with an active and internationally leading theoretical chemistry group spanning a range of interests including: fundamental molecular interactions, excited states, computational spectroscopy, bioinformatics and computational nano-science. 

    • The School of Chemistry being rated amongst the very best in the RAE as well as having an excellent reputation for teaching, consistently attracting the best students.

    • Access to high quality university owned supercomputing facilities.

    • An excellent track record for support of fellowship applicants and previous fellowship holders

Dr. Maria Gimenez Lopez

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship 
(2011 - present)

Project Title: Nano-Magnets in carbon Nanostructures 

Research Interests

My research is focused on a new area of technology called spintronics, which is expected to contribute to the increased data processing speed and low power consumption as well as creation of computer memories that can retain the stored information, even when not powered. Practical aspects in this area are hindered because of the lack of suitable materials. The main aim of my research is to understand the effects of magnetic materials on tubular carbon nanostructures and vice versa. My project is targeted at:

Picture of Maria


    • Developing a new class of hybrid metal-carbon nanomaterials using carbon nanotubes, which have excellent ability to transport both charge and spin of the electrons, and nano-sized magnets that can create or respond to magnetic fields, and record and store information.

    • Controlling the assembly of these two nanocomponents.

    • Harnessing the functional properties of metal-carbon hybrid nanostructures for spintronic applications

Why Nottingham?

After working as Marie Curie Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry, I was convinced that Nottingham was the best place to continue my career.

    • The University of Nottingham is a truly international institution that promotes multi- and interdisciplinary research, which is crucial for the implementation of my project and for my research career. A clear example is the Nottingham Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre.

    • The School of chemistry counts on world's leading research groups in Nanoscience evidenced through top-quality publications and unique dynamic research/teaching environment with passionate staff. 

    • Nottingham has a strong commitment to nurture and support early-career researchers.

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