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Research Prizes and Awards

Chris Hayes in collaboration with David Brook and Becky Trueman (School of Life sciences) have received a major grant from The Wellcome Trust for work on myotonic dystrophy.  They have been awarded funding up to a value of £3,124,782 for a Seeding Drug Discovery project entitled ‘Developing drugs to treat myotonic dystrophy’.(2016)

Elaine O'Reilly received 47k funding from the BBSRC through BIOCATNET. The grant will fund a PoC project between Elena’s group at Nottingham and Key Organics and will focus on the large-scale synthesis of chiral amines using transaminase biocatalysts. These compounds will be commercialized through Nottingham Research Chemicals. (2016)

Nick Besley received a research award from the Leverhulme Trust on “Probing femtosecond dynamics with core hole spectroscopy: a theoretical approach” in collaboration with Newcastle University.(2016)

Mike George who has received the 2016 William F. Meggars Award for his outstanding paper published in the Applied Spectroscopy journal.  “Probing Organometallic Reactions by Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy in Solution and in the Solid State Using Quantum Cascade Lasers” (2016)

Elena Besley has received a research award from the LeverhulmeTrust “Flexibility and curvature in two-dimensional supramolecular arrays” in collaboration with Peter Beton (Physics) and from the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account “Investigation of the optimisation routes for the processing and delivery of pharmaceutical powders”
in collaboration with GSK. (2016)

Robert Mokaya has been awarded a Royal Society-Department for International Development £1.2M Programme Grant on a project titled “Porous materials research for sustainable energy applications. (2015)

Maria Gimenez-Lopez has been awarded an ESC starting grant of 1.7M€ on “Complex Dynamics of Clusters in High-Aspect Ratio Hollow Nanostructures: A Nanoscale Platform for High-Performance Computing” (2015).

Steve Howdle and Rob Stockman have secured a £987,000 EPSRC research grant for ‘Novel polymers from terpenes’, Elaine O’Reilly on her £15k Royal Society grant ‘Biocatalytic amine synthesis: new catalysts and methodologies for industrial application’ (2015)

Graham Newton for obtained £15k from the EPSRC Directed Assembly Network for ‘Novel hybrid nanomaterials for enhanced water splitting under visible light’. (2015)


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