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Our school works closely with primary experts in the Widening Participation team to offer a range of experiences to primary school pupils.

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Modern Foreign Languages Learning Journey

We are dedicated to engaging primary pupils with the ideas of language study, overseas travel and Higher Education. This project aims to help achieve this goal by placing undergraduate language students in Primary schools, enabling them to build relationships with pupils and share their love of learning languages. The student will then keep in contact with the school during their year abroad, sharing their overseas experience and showing how modern languages can be put into practice.

Contact the Widening Participation and Outreach Manager for more details

American Studies Discovery Day

From the history of Native North Americans to the American Civil War, American and Canadian Studies has a huge amount to offer to pupils of all ages, including those at primary school. The American Studies Discovery Day is an opportunity for pupils to come and discover all about these incredible countries and cultures with the help of undergraduate student experts. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn about the civil rights movement and how this can still impact on us today.

Contact the Widening Participation team for more details


Teaching English as an Additional Language in Schools Project

We are keen to support our local primary schools with pupils who have English as an additional language (EAL). This project recruits and trains students with teaching experience and/or knowledge of teaching and/or personal experience of EAL or refugee status, to work in a participating primary school to support the EAL pupils’ learning as well as their wellbeing. This support could be a weekly after-school session, participation in reading morning activities or something else proposed by the school.

For more information, contact Lucy Sawyer-Da Rocha

Modern Foreign Language Primary Storytime

Modern Foreign Language Primary Storytime is a project that aims to share our love of languages with children across local schools. Our students, who are fluent in a foreign language, will come to your school for three consecutive weeks to share their knowledge with your pupils by reading a story in a foreign language. The amount of foreign language words or phrases will be increased incrementally across the three sessions and pupils will be encouraged to apply their memory and recall skills. With new vocabulary, games and songs, your pupils will be exposed to a new language and a different culture all within their classroom.

For more information, contact Marilena Minoia



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