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The School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies works hard to nurture and expand the teaching and learning of modern foreign languages, film and media studies, and American and Canadian history and literature in schools in the local area.

We offer a range of outreach activities including taster days to give pupils an idea of what it is like to study a subject at university; special events held in schools themselves to give a taster of a particular area of study; and film screenings and workshops offering insight into a particular film or type of cinema.

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Outreach Secondary 

Taster days

The aim of these taster days is to provide school pupils with an insight into studying these subjects at university and to experience being a student for a day.

The day's activities may include attending a first year lecture, a presentation on our year abroad programme, question and answer sessions with current students, a taster subject session and lunch in the Student's Union (Portland building).

These days are primarily aimed at year 12 pupils, however aspirational year 11 students may be able to attend. Please check with us when you book.

European Day of Languages

The Language Centre in the School of Languages, Cultures and Area Studies is pleased to offer an exciting event for year 9 pupils from local schools: the European Day of Languages.

The event aims to introduce pupils to a range of languages more diverse than they may have experience of at school, to increase intercultural awareness and to experience the language learning facilities available at university with a view to raising awareness and increasing the uptake of languages in schools.


Film workshops

At the beginning of the autumn term, pupils in year 12 and 13 who are studying modern foreign languages are invited to watch selected films in the University's screening rooms. These rooms are fully equipped for this purpose.

The screenings are followed by workshops led by academic staff. These workshops allow pupils to explore the themes of the film, and discuss the cultural, social or political questions it raises.

Recent films have included La Haine, The Motorcycle Diaries, Les 400 Coups, Sophie Scholl, and Volver.

Intensive study sessions

During the Easter holidays the Language Centre provides intensive study sessions for local pupils in years 11, 12 and 13.

These cover GCSE, AS, A2 and IB in French, German and Spanish. Each session focuses on key areas and skills appropriate to the levels of study with a view to deepening the students' understanding of grammar. They also provide extensive exposure to authentic listening and reading material offering students the opportunity to improve their communication and comprehension skills by working with appropriate resources.



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