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The School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies works hard to nurture and expand the teaching and learning of modern foreign languages, film and media studies, and American and Canadian history and literature in schools in the local area.

We offer a range of outreach activities including taster days to give pupils an idea of what it is like to study a subject at university; special events held in schools themselves to give a taster of a particular area of study; and film screenings and workshops offering insight into a particular film or type of cinema.

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Outreach Secondary 

Events for schools and colleges



Type of event

Target group

Number of pupils per school

Total number of pupils

Language Taster Day

As required

On Campus

Y8, 9, 10, 11, 12



IRQ (MFL) Tutorials



Y12, 13



Online language speaking practice sessions

Weekly for up to half a term


Y10, 11, 12, 13



GCSE language revision sessions

TBC - Last week of Spring term 2023

On campus



30 per language

A level language revision sessions

TBC - Easter holidays 2023

On campus

Y12, 13


25 per language

Why Study Languages?* As required In school Any 30 per session n/a
Introduction to Film and Media at university* As required In school Any 30 per session n/a
Insight into the Civil Rights movement* As required In school Any 30 per session n/a
Why study History of Art?* As required In school Any 30 per session n/a


Language Taster days - On campus event

The aim of these taster days is to provide school pupils with an insight into studying these subjects at university and to experience being a student for a day. The day's activities may include a lecture, a presentation on our year abroad programme, question and answer sessions with current students, a taster subject session and lunch in the Student's Union (Portland building). These days are primarily aimed at GCSE and A level groups, however aspirational younger groups may be able to attend. Please check with us when you book.

Individual Research Question (MFL) tutorials - Online

Academics from the Department of Modern languages and Cultures will provide 15 minute tutorials for those A level linguists preparing for this element of the MFL A level examination. Please note these tutorials are limited due to the availability of my colleagues.

Online language speaking practice sessions - Online

These weekly 30 minute sessions are led by pairs of languages students and aim to build confidence, consolidate knowledge and encourage oral development in GCSE and A level students. Each suite of sessions runs for half a term.

Language revision sessions (GCSE and A level) - On campus

Students will have the chance to attend a focused session to hone their languages skills ahead of their exams. For GCSE the session is three hours (half a day) and students will need to be accompanied by their teacher. For A level, the session is six hours including lunch and students may attend unaccompanied.

Why Study Languages?/Introduction to Film and Media at university/Insight into the Civil Rights Movement/Why Study History of Art? - In-school presentations

Pairs of students will lead a 45 minute interactive session to raise awareness of their subject (MFL, Film, Media, American studies, History of Art), answer pupil questions and engage the group in some hands-on learning. These sessions work best when delivered to a class of 30. Please be aware that availability of students is a factor in setting dates and times for these sessions.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping to organise the Why Study languages event this week. Based on pupils' feedback and their positive engagement on Tuesday, the event was a great success.  I am feeling positive that the event hopefully will have a great impact on pupils when deciding their options this week and help boost the currently low numbers in languages.

Previous feedback from a teacher


Translation and grammar workshops 

  • It got me to think further about translation in a more challenging way than A level
  • I enjoyed the topic and found it interesting. The session was inclusive
  • Didn’t really know anything about separable verbs before but now understand a bit more
  • It showed how to keep the meaning behind the text
  • It showed there were no clear cut answers when translating

Student evaluations of the most recent Translation and Grammar workshop


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