Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

From the prehuman to the post human – remembering the thought of Chris Johnson

Highfield House, Room A11
Wednesday 18th April 2018 (13:30-17:30)

This event is open to everyone. If possible, please let Dr Ute Hirsekorn know if you are coming for catering purposes:

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Session 1: 1.30pm-3pm

Dr Arthur Piper, Reflections on the history of NSTC, Martin Heidegger and Norbert Wiener
Video: Andy Pickering on the Cybernetic Brain

Professor Judith Still, The Evolution of Technology. A reading from Professor Christopher Johnson’s unpublished text on Leroi-Gourhan
Video: Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog

Professor Jonathan Hale, Stephen Mithen, Bernard Stiegler and concepts of the pre-human

Half an hour break

Session 2: 3.30pm-5pm

Dr John Marks, Cybernetics and the human
Video: Blade Runner

Dr Katherine Shingler, The posthuman/inhuman woman in Marcel L’Herbier’s L’Inhumaine (1924)
Video: Marcel L’Herbier’s L’Inhumaine

Emeritus Professor Brigitte Nerlich, Genes and genomes in science and society: Why metaphors matter

Drinks: 5-6pm

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