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Samuel Wilkinson

PhD in French Studies,


Teaching Summary

I currently teach on several modules in both the History and French departments:

R11020 - Contemporary France: This module introduces students to the political institutions of Fifth Republic France (1958 to date) and enhances their understanding of the French political system, the Constitution, political parties, immigration and beur culture, and the debates surrounding these.

R11026 - Introduction to French and Francophone Studies: This module covers the main fields linguistics, politics, history, French and Francophone literature, and visual culture, including photography, cinema and art. Through study of a range of different texts, images and film, students are also introduced to core study skills, such as reading skills, awareness of register, close reading, essay writing, commentary writing, bibliographical and referencing skills and visual analysis.

V11205​ - Roads to Modernity (1789-1945): This module covers some of the key episodes of the period, focusing on themes, ideologies, and innovations that shaped modern society and culture. It explores the ideas and historical experiences that transformed societies in Europe and around the world.

Research Summary

I am currently completing a PhD in the Department of French and Francophone Studies, funded by the AHRC and the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership.

My project analyses portrayals of political leadership in dessins de presse during the twelve years of the Chirac presidency. It will take images from a diverse range of publications, chosen by the ideological alignment of the editorial line. It seeks to identify key themes in the representation of French political leadership through the medium of the dessin de presse.

I am also a postgraduate representative for the Society for the Study of French History.

Recent Publications

Past Research

For my MA (research) project, I analysed representations of Nicolas Sarkozy in the work of Jean Plantureux (Plantu) in Le Monde during the décennie Sarkozy (2002-2012). This project was funded by the AHRC, and supervised by Drs. Sheila Perry and Paul Smith.

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