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Weiqun (Victoria) Wang

Assistant Professor in Chinese, Faculty of Arts



I join in the University of Nottingham in 2007. I am Assistant Professor in Chinese and Chinese Section Lead as well as the Chair of the British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS). I am also the Founder of the International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers , Top 500. I am teaching both UG and PG Chinese language and MA in Chinese Literature and Translation Studies.

I am leading the Brithsh Chinese Language Teaching Society to organise the International Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education , which will be held in Lancaster University on 5-7th July 2019. For more details of this conference please see our website:

The BCLTS Conference 2019 which I chaired is very successful and it has attracted many Chinese main stream media to report it. Here are several reports links:

1.Chinese Language Teaching in UK: Language experts call for recognition of Chinese teaching as a discipline Updated 16:50, 09-Jul-2019


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3.教师科研成果丰硕 学生数量不断增添--第17届英国汉语教学研究会年会侧记

2019-07-08 20:32 光明日报报道:

4.第17届英国汉语教学国际研讨会闭幕 通过《兰卡斯特宣言》2019-07-12 19:11:40 今日华闻 报道:




I have more than 15 years experiences in teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language in the HE environment in the UK. I have taught Mandarin modules in all different levels, including the beginner, intermediate and advanced and proficiency levels as well as Chinese-English translation modules. I have also been serving as the examiners for Chinese GCSE and iGCSE and the Certificate of International Chinese Language Teachers(国际汉语教师证书). My most recent innovation is that I created and set up the International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers (国际汉语教师微信群)and its official Account e-journal (国际汉语教师500强公众号).

I have been teaching in the University of Nottingham since 2007. I am currently the module convener of the Inter-faculty Mandarin courses for Stages 1, stage 4 and Mandarin for Proficiency Levels. I have also been the convener for Stage 2, 3 and the Introduction to Mandarin in the MSc International Business course. I have also served as the Registration Coordinator for the whole Mandarin team for four years. During those years our Mandarin program registered students numbers reached over 900 students/year , which was the largest Chinese program in the UK. I am serving as the Chinese Section Head since July 2018.

In my early years, I have also taught a wide range of Chinese language learners in the local schools and university evening classes, my students are from all different background, including the Chinese background and non-Chinese background , ranging from 4-year-old to over 70 years.

I also MA in Chinese Translation and Chinese Literature modules.

I am interested in E-learning and CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) , mobile learning, MOOC and in introducing Corpus to Mandarin learning, teaching and research. I am also interested in Chinese literature and Translation studies.

I have been involved in the following projects:

1. Chinese Learner Corpus project with Beijing Language and Cultural University; (2013-2016)

2. Lu Xun and 20th Century China with Nanjing Normal University , funded by the China National Social Science Foundation for national/international major project; (2013- 2015)

3. I have recently succeeded in co-bidding the GuangZhou Municipal Special Project of Collaborative Innovation 2016 (the co-applicants are Prof Donghong Ji from China, Prof Susan Hunston from Birmingham University, and Dr Jun He from Aberystwyth University) . (2016-2019)

Prior to joining The University of Nottingham, I worked in various positions at the University of Birmingham from 2002 to 2007, including teaching Mandarin at the Centre for Modern Languages and teaching Translation Practical sessions for MA in Translation Studies in the English Department. Before that, I was a lecturer at the China Agricultural University from 1996 to 2001.

I have also served as the judge for the Chinese Bridge Competition (UK national 英国汉语桥比赛评委); I am currently serving as the Deputy Chair for the British Chinese Language Society (BCLTS ).

I have also been working with/for the following publishers to review books on Chinese Language and Linguistics:

Cambridge Univerisy Press; Routledge.

Teaching Summary

I have been awarded the Best Teacher title in 2000 . My SET and SEM scores are all excellent every year.

I am currently the tutor and convenor for the Following courses:

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 1A;

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 1B ;

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 4A ;

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 4B;

Mandarin for Proficiency Levels A;

Mandarin for Proficiency Levels B;

I have also taught the following courses:

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 2A;

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 2B;

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 3A;

Inter-faculty Mandarin Chinese Stage 3B;

MSC Mandarin for Business Chinese Beginners;

MA in Translation Studies: Mandarin Chinese-English Translation Practical Semester A and B;

I am very much interested in using e-techonology in teaching. I'm interested in e-teaching, e-learning , mobile learning/teaching, and MOOC. I also use news and literature and other authentic materials in the teaching.

Recent Publications

  • 2019. 海外E-teaching汉字教学常见问题及实践 世界汉语教学学会(the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching: . 世界汉语教学学会(the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching: 02/19/2019 00:00:00
  • 2019. Using Apps in Teaching (Chinese) University of Nottingham. Joe Bell. 01/18/2019 00:00:00
  • 2019. 海外E-teaching汉字教学课堂实录+个人访谈 世界汉语教学学会. Yuan Li. 腾讯视频. 02/19/2019 00:00:00
  • WANG WEIQUN, 2019. 我的乡愁: -写于2019年春节 Available at: <>

I am teaching and convening the following modules:

LK11MA Interfaculty Mandarin Stage 1A

LK11MB Interfaculty Mandarin Stage 1B

LK34MA Interfaculty Mandarin Stage 4A

LK34MB Interfaculty Mandarin Stage 4B

T13/442A Mandarin for Proficiency Level 4A

T13442B Mandarin for Proficiency Level 4B

I'm teaching but not convening the following content modules:

R24044(MLAC4026) Translationg Text (MA module)

R24118 World Literatures: Texts and Contexts (PG)

R23277 World Literatures: Texts and Contexts (UG)

Past Research

Academic Publications

A: I have made innovation in using Smartphones and iPads in Teaching Chinese . The following teaching blogs and videos are published based on my interviews and classrooms practices:

2019. 海外E-teaching 汉字教学常见问题及实践. Published by 世界汉语教学学会公众号( the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching) on 19 Feb 2019.Available at: 02/19/2019

2019. Using Apps in Teaching (Chinese). Published by University of Nottingham. In the Blog by Joe Bell on 18th Jan 2019. Available at: 01/18/2019

2019. 海外E-teaching汉字教学课堂实录+个人访谈 . Published by 世界汉语教学学会. Edited by Yuan Li. Published by腾讯视频 on 19th Feb 2019. Available at: 02/19/2019

B: I also published some essays, proses and poems which created many impact in Chinese Teaching Circle:

WANG WEIQUN, 2019. 我的乡愁: -写于2019年春节 . Published by 国际汉语教师500强公众号 on 26 Feb, 2019. Available at: <>

WANG WEIQUN, 2019. 我的乡愁: 写于2019年春节. Published by 诗梦枫华 on 1 March, 2019. Available at: <>

WANG WEIQUN, 2019. 我的乡愁: 海哥朗诵 . Published by 诗歌乐园 on 17 Feb, 2019. Available at: <>

WANG WEIQUN, 2019. 我的乡愁 Published by 红湘西 on 12 Feb, 2019. Available at: <>

王维群, 2019. 我的乡愁 . Published by 湘西侨联on 12 Feb 2019. Available at: <>

王维群, 2019. 我的乡愁 . Published by Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China (中国华文教育基金会) on 15 Feb 2019. Available at: <>

Wang, Weiqun, 2019. 从独霸神坛的饺子说起. Published by 国际汉语教师500强公众号 on 13 Feb 2019. Available at: <>

Wang, Weiqun, 2019. 褚时健告诉你:什么年龄都可以再出发!但现实打醒了你 . Published by 华闻派 on 5 March, 2019. Available at: <>

Wang, Weiqun, 2019. 我们可不可以慢慢来. Published by 国际汉语教师500强公众号 on 6 March 2019. Available at : <>

Wang, Weiqun (王维群), 2018. 中秋快乐: 写在送女儿上大学之际 . Published by 国际汉语教师500强公众号 on 24th Sep. 2018. Available at: <>

WANG, WEIQUN 王维群, 2016. Foreword to the E-journal of the International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers (国际汉语教师500强卷首语--群主的话) (in Chinese). The E-journal of the International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers (国际汉语教师500强公众号). [Online]. 4th July, 2016 the 1st Issue. Available at:

WANG, WEIQUN 王维群. 2015. The Impact of the Chinese President Xi' s Visiting to UK: The Tendency of Mandarin Chinese Programme (习访效应:英国汉语教学的新一次高潮) (in Chinese). The shorten version is published in The Chinese Weekly (华闻周刊》). Issue 199. 2015. P75. The Full version is available online:

WANG, WEIQUN 王维群, 2013. The Current Existence of Chinese Author Lu Xun in the UK (鲁迅在英国存在之现状) (in Chinese). In Book Tan, G., Zhu, X. and Yang, H. ed. Cultural Classics and Spiritual Symbols-Lu Xun and 20th Century China (《文化经典和精神象征--鲁迅与20世纪中国"国际学术研讨会论文集》). Nanjing University Press. P408-441.

WANG, WEIQUN 王维群. 2013. The Recent Spread of Lu Xun in Britain (鲁迅在英国的近期传播). Published in Chinese Writers News Journal (Wenyi Bao《文艺报》) (in Chinese) ,in the Special Issue on Celebrating Luxun's 132 Birth Anniversary, 11th September, 2013 ,Issue 3623. P 11. Also Available online

J. Yun, W. Wang and J. He. 2007. A Co-evolutionary Algorithm to Cluster Translation Equivalents in English-Chinese Parallel Corpus. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Intelligence Computation and Applications (ISICA 2008), Wuhan, China.

WANG WEIQUN 王维群.1998. Teacher's Role in Class to Enhance Students' Interests in Learning English (力掘讲课深度, 激发学生兴趣) (in Chinese). In China Agricultural University Journal (Social Science Edition) (《中国农业大学社会科学学报》), no.1-2, 1998. P82-84.

Book Translated:

WANG, WEIQUN 王维群 (translated). 2008. 忠告--来自94年的投资生涯. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press. Shanghai. PP141. Total 176,000 Chinese characters. Original book: Neuberger, R. R. (with Alfred&Roma Connable). 1997. So Far, So Good- the First 94 Years. John Wiley&Sons, Inc. New York. Pp: 221.

Selected Essay and Prose Publications

WANG WEIQUN 王维群, 2016. Love to My Hometown series 1: My First Diplomatic Mission ( 故园之恋 之一: 第一次出使 ) Available at: (1281 Chinese characters, read by 1813 times)

WANG WEIQUN 王维群, 2015. On the Blenheim Palace (再游邱吉尔庄园) Available at: (ready by 6739 times)

WANG WEIQUN 王维群, 2015. On the Royal Observatory Greenwich(格林威治天文台 ) Available at: (read by 8848 times)

News report:

WANG WEIQUN 王维群, International Chinese Language Teaching Experts accumulated in NewCastle, Discussing the Inheritance and Innovation (国际汉语教学专家齐聚英国纽卡斯尔:探讨"继承与创新"). Available at:

Conference Presentations

Wang, W. 2016. Teaching Mandarin Chinese as Foreign Language in the Apple Era-a Summary and Forcast. Presented at the 14th BCLTS Annual Conference, held at the NewCastle University. 13-15 July 2016

Zheng, B. and Wang, W. 2016. Chinese Language Teaching in the UK: A Comprehensive Investigation on Current Chinese Programs Run by British Universities. Presented at the 14th BCLTS Annual Conference, held at the NewCastle University. NewCastle, 13-15 July 2016

Wang, W. 2016. The Recent spread of Lu Xun in the UK. Presented at the Chinese Creation, Translation and Studies Forum. University of Nottingham.8-10 July, 2016

Wang, W. 2016. The International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers and Its Official E-journal-the Foundation and Development (国际汉语教师微信群和国际汉语教师500强公众号的建立与发展). Presented in the Symposium on the Supervision of Research Students (SSRS) in Teaching Chinese as a second Language (TCSL). Organised by SOAS, University of London. 24-26 August, 2016

Wang, W. 2015. Using the Social Media Software WeChat to Support Teaching and Students Management (功夫在课堂之外--浅谈微信(WeChat)对汉语作为外语的教学的应用和影响). Presented at the 13th BCLTS Annual Conference, held at the Oxford University. Oxford, 8-10 July 2015

Wang, W. 2014. Confucius China Studies Program and the British Local Chinese Teachers Career Development (新汉学计划与英国高校本土汉语教师的培养). Presented at the 12th BCLTS (British Chinese Language Teaching Society) Conference, held at the Regent University, London 9 -11th July, 2014.

Wang, W. 2013. The Progress on Exploring Using the Apple Devices in Mandarin Teaching. Presented at the 11th BCLTS (British Chinese Language Teaching Society) Conference, held at the University of Nottingham, 3rd July - 5th July, 2013

Wang, W. 2013. Luxun's Works in Britain (鲁迅作品在英国). Presented at International Conference on Lunxun and 20th Century China, 23rd -25th April, 2013, Nanjing , China.

Wang, W. 2012. New Ideas on the Confucius Institute's Role in Helping the International Mandarin Teachers' Career Development (试论孔子学院在国际高校汉语教师培养和职业发展中的新思路)presented at the 11th International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching, 16- 17th August, 2012, Xi'An, China

Wang, W. 2012. Teaching Mandarin Chinese in the APPLE Era. Presented at the 11th BCLTS (British Chinese Language Teaching Society) Conference, held at the University of Central Lancashire, 11th -13th July, 2012.

Wang, W. 2011. Introduction on Open Educational Resources in Mandarin Chinese Teaching. Presented at the 9th BCLTS (British Chinese Language Teachers Society) Symposium, held at the University Of Edinburgh, UK. 29th June - 1st July, 2011.

Wang, W. 2010. The Internet Resources for Chinese character flash and its Classroom Practical Effect. Presented at the 10th International Forum for Mandarin Teaching. Held at Shenyang, China. 18-20 August, 2010.

Wang, W. 2010. On the Diversity of Chinese Language and Culture in the International Mandarin Teaching (试论国际汉语教育教材中的语言和文化多样性问题).Presented at the 8th BCLTS (British Chinese Language Teachers Society) Symposium, held at the University of Cardiff, UK. 28th-30th June, 2010.

Wang, W. 2009. Use Multimedia to Help Chinese Character Teaching. Presented at the 7th BCLTS (British Chinese Language Teachers Society) Symposium, held at the University of Sheffield, UK. 29-30 June, 2009.

Wang, W. 2006. Simultaneous Sentence-level Alignment between One Source Text and Two Translation Texts. Presented at the British/Irish Association for Applied Linguistics Annual Conference 2006 (BAAL/IRAAL 2006), held in University College Cork, Ireland, Sept 7-9, 2006

Wang, W. 2005. Corpus-Driven Study of Translation Units in an English-Chinese Parallel Corpus. Presented in IV International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC-4), held in the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Sept. 20-23, 2005

Other Academic Activities

1. Colloquium on Chinese Character Teaching and Learning (汉字教学论坛). SOAS, University of London. 12 April, 2016. (Invited attendance for this conference, Funded by the Colloquium organiser).

2. The BCLTS Symposium on Chinese Teaching. Organised by the BCLTS and Nottingham Confucius Institute. 16-17 April 2016. Chaired the session: Good practice for e-learning at different levels.

3. Chinese for academic purposes (CAP) - potential, challenges and future development. Organised by LSE language Centre, 16 Dec, 2015. Attended

Digitalised MPhil Thesis (permanently collected by the library in the University of Birmingham)

Wang, W. 2011. A corpus-driven study on translation units in an English-Chinese parallel corpus. MPhil Thesis is digitalised and permanently collected by Birmingham University Library: available at

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