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Rocio Martinez Espada

Assistant Professor in Spanish, Faculty of Arts



I completed my Hispanic Studies degree (Lic. en Fil. Hispánica with French as a minor) and doctoral courses at the University of Corunna (Spain). I hold a PGCE equivalent (CAP) from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and a MA in Women´s Studies from the University of York (UK).

Past research experience focused on Spanish and Galician literature (particularly, 19th century women writers), gender theory and women film directors. Past publications include papers on literature and gender.

Always engaged and involved in curriculum development through my teaching career, particularly the uses of new technologies, during the last few years my research and teaching interests have focused in the development of e-learning materials and the use of audio-visual resources for educational purposes.

As well as being responsible for coordinating and developing the culture section of the Spanish Open Online Course at Nottingham, I recently collaborated, as a video director, with a research project on the Spanish music genre Zarzuela, a project led by the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Department at Nottingham.

Teaching Summary

The courses I currently teach (or taught) at the University of Nottingham include:

  • Year 1 module on Spanish Literature (as a convenor).
  • Year 1 module on Spanish language for Beginners (as a convenor).
  • Stage 6 Inter Faculty Spanish (as a convenor).
  • Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4 Spanish language courses for Modern Languages degrees.
  • Spanish for UNNC/UNNM exchange students.
  • Inter Faculty Spanish courses, Stages 1, 4 and 6.
  • Interpreting and Translation courses both for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Final Year dissertations: on education and reproductive rights for young women in Argentinian Villas; on representations of women in Spanish cinema.

I was also involved in the planning, development and running of the first Open Online Course (in Spanish language and culture) for Modern Languages at Nottingham University.

At Oxford University I convened and taught Spanish language and translation courses, as well as lecturing on Spanish literature and cinema. I also taught Spanish language at the Open University.

Cecilia Goria and Rocio Martínez Espada (2017), A Cultural Approach to Online Language Learning: the Spanish NOOC Project at Nottingham in Conference proceedings. ICT for language learning. 10th Edition, Pixel (ed), Libreriauniversitaria.

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