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Classics research seminar programme

Autumn semester 2017

5pm, Tuesdays
A3, Humanities Building,
University Park 

The Department's research culture includes a series of free seminars offering the chance to hear visiting scholars from the UK and overseas. All are welcome and papers are followed by discussion and drinks. 

Please contact David Lewis with any queries.

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Research Seminars
Classics research seminar programme
Research seminars, autumn semester 2017
3 October 

Gender and Sexuality in the Argonautic Tradition 

Helen Lovatt (University of Nottingham)

10 October

Solonian reforms: Inequality of resources, equality before the law

Vasileios Adamidis (Nottingham Trent)

17 October Due to unforeseen circumstances, this seminar has been cancelled.

Individual and Group: Dynastic Representation in the Roman Imperial Period

Katharina Lorenz (University of Nottingham)

24 October

Performing Parody: Stagecraft and 'Interperformativity' in Aristophanes' Peace and Wealth 

Naomi Scott (University of Nottingham)

31 October

Keeping up with the Joneses? Art, Authority and Emulation in Ancient Rome

Dominik Maschek (University of Birmingham)

14 November

The Goddess Isis in Vergil and Ovid: Gender, Ethnicity, and Roman Identity

Lily Panoussi (William and Mary)

21 November

Farmsteads and their role in classical Greek agriculture

Maeve McHugh (University of Birmingham)

23 November (please note this talk is on a Thursday at Nottingham Girls' High)

Wiedemann lecture - How Virgil framed Dido

Edith Hall (King's College London)

29 November (please note this talk will take place on a Wednesday)

Re-thinking astragali in archaeological contexts: the case-study of the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia at Sparta

Barbara Carè (Turin)

Joint Classics and Archaeology paper

5 December

Postgraduate presentations

Slaving strategies in classical Athens

Jason Porter (University of Nottingham)

Ecphrasis, triumph and monumentality: reading the end in Silius Italicus' Punica

Angeliki Roumpou (University of Nottingham)

6 December (please note this talk will take place on a Wednesday at 5pm, in Law and Social Sciences, room A3)

Roma Redux: The Analogical Life of US Imperialism

Mark Storey (Warwick)

12 December

Evolving Greek Drama

David Stuttard (Actors of Dionysus)


For details of the Classical Association Nottingham branch, please contact Nikolai Lipatov

Past seminars

Spring 2017
7 February
Please note: 5.30pm start

Tim Parkin (University of Manchester): Rediscovering the wonder: John Turtle Wood (and his wife) at Ephesus

(Classical Association of Nottingham lecture)

14 February

Simon Corcoran (UCL/Newcastle University): The lives of the Justinian Code from Constantinople to Cambridge

(In collaboration with the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies)

21 February

Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh): The graphê hybreôs against slaves: the timê of the victim or the timê of the hybristês?

(In collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Slavery)

28 February

Jan Stubbe Østergaard (Copenhagen): ‘Colour in Greek and Roman sculpture: remarks on methodology and state of research’

7 March

Bruno Currie (Oxford): ‘The earliest example of Homeric criticism (Herodotus 2.116-17)’

14 March

Stephen Hodkinson: ‘koinôniai and the Spartan way of life’

Maciej Daszuta (Warsaw): ‘Why did Herodotus take an ethnographic approach to the Spartans?’ 

(In collaboration with the Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies)

21 March

John Rich (Nottingham): Speeches, Sources and Significance: Aspects of Cassius Dio's 'roman History'

28 March

Mark Bradley (Nottingham): Missing noses 

Esther Eidinow (Nottingham): Beware of the Wolf: Reading Plato on Mount Lykaion

4 April

Postgraduate presentations

Stefanos Apostolou: Diluting regions: the fluctuating borders of Aeolis, Mysia, and the Troad

Kendell Heydon: The selection of the hippeis in Xenophon's Spartan Constitution and hegemonic masculinity

9 May

Michele Salzman (California/UCL): Elite Contestations and the Crisis of 455

(In collaboration with the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies)

Autumn 2016
4 October Lynn Fotheringham (Nottingham): Girl with All the Gifts = Pandora? Greek myth in Mike Carey's Melanie-stories

11 October

Naoise Mac Sweeney (Leicester): Ogling Hector, the Pioneer Group and Class War at Athens

18 October

NB: 5.30pm

(Joint meeting of the Classical Association of Nottingham and the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies)

David Langslow (Manchester): The business of making a Latin medical translation, and the business of making an edition of it!

25 October

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Cardiff): Perverted Emperors and Screaming Queens: Roman Sexual Depravity in 1930s Hollywood

1 November

Henriette van der Blom (Birmingham): Public speech and public career: the case of Pompey

15 November

Paul Christesen (Dartmouth): Equestrian competition in classical Sparta: a new interpretation of the Damonon stele
22 November

R.R.R. Smith (Oxford): The lives of statues in late antique Aphrodisias: new research, new finds

29 November

James Corke-Webster (Durham): Emperors and Christians in Eusebius of Caesarea's Ecclesiastical History 

6 December

Postgraduate presentations

Annie Zourgou: Praising the Loser: The Judgement of Paris in Callimachus' 5th Hymn

Stuart McCunn: Running Prefectly: The Transition of the Praetorian Prefect from a Military to Administrative Position

13 December

Victoria Rimell (Warwick): Time, desire, the mother: Ovid's Remedia

Spring 2016
2 February

Andrew Fox (Nottingham): Tree vs Timber - The Import of the Cypress in Pliny the Elder

Harriet Lander (Nottingham): Sex Goddess or Romantic Heroine? Constructing Sappho's erotic person

9 February

Emma Griffiths (Manchester): Menander, Alexander, and early Hellenistic mythopoesis

16 Feb

Andy Merrills (Leicester): Invisible Men - Mobility and Change on the Late Roman frontier in Africa

23 February

Edmund Stewart (Nottingham): Greek Tragedy and Travel - The Case of Euripides’ Phrixus Plays

Will Leveritt (Nottingham): Wine, women and whips - re-interpreting a Priapus-sarcophagus through narrative presence

1 March

Carsten Lange (Aalborg University): The Logic of Violence in Roman Civil War - The Tale of Young Caesar

8 March

Christopher Whitton (Cambridge): Quintilian In Brief: From Institutio To Epistles, And Back Again

15 March

Carl Buckland (Nottingham): "History became legend; legend became myth" - The Influence of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings on the Depiction of the Ancient World in Film

Rebecca Usherwood (Nottingham): The 'damnatio' of Constantine II and its Implications

19 April

Gesine Manuwald (UCL): Valerius Flaccus’ Argonautica - Thematic and Narrative Unity

26 April

Andrew Bayliss (Birmingham): Tyrtaeus and Spartan history

3 May

Classical Association: TBC

Autumn 2015
29 Sept Sian Lewis (St Andrews): Space and Power in the Tyrannical Polis

Oliver Thomas (Nottingham): Trauma and Survival in Virgil's 'Aeneid'

Helen Lovatt (Nottingham): Helen's Prozac


Judith Mossman (Nottingham): Plutarch, Lucian and the 6th Century BC

Andreas Kropp (Nottingham): The Palmyra Portrait Project

20-Oct Elena Theodorakopoulos (Birmingham): Spectacle: Looking at Rome in Film
27-Oct Kevin Butcher (Warwick): Baetylmania: coins, memory and cult in the Roman Near East
10-Nov Federico Santangelo (Newcastle): Municipal Viewpoints on the Late Republican Civil Wars
17-Nov Kathryn Tempest (Roehampton): Hellenophiles or Hellenophobes? Ciceronian and Roman Attitudes Towards the Greeks
24-Nov Maria Pretzler (Swansea): Small States in the Peloponnesian League: What was in it for them - and for Sparta?
01-Dec David Lewis (Nottingham): The Economics of the Classical Slave Supply, with Achaemenid Phrygia as a Case Study
08-Dec Barbara Graziosi (Durham): Solutions from Character
Spring 2015
3 February

[in association with the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception]

Alan Sommerstein (Nottingham): Greek, barbarian, or what? Aeschylus’ Danaids and their cousins

10 February

[in association with the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies]

Gavin Kelly (Edinburgh): Why did emperors visit Rome so rarely in the fourth century?

17 February

[in association with the Institute for the Study of Slavery]

Myles Lavan (St Andrews): The scale of manumission in the Roman world

24 February

[in association with the Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies]

Rosie Harman (UCL): Reading Xenophon

3 March

[in association with the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception]

Helen Slaney (Oxford): Approaching Seneca's Medea through performance reception

10 March
NB: 5.30pm

[Classical Association/ Roman Society lecture]

Diana Spencer (Birmingham): Literary Rome: always a fragmentary story? (case-study: Varro)

17 March

David Hendin (American Numismatic Society, NY)
The Jewish war against Rome and the Roman response: the coins speak

24 March

[in association with the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception]

Isabelle Torrance (Notre Dame): Greek tragedy and suffering on the Irish stage

28 April  Will Leveritt (Nottingham): Deciphering the Woburn Abbey triumph sarcophagus

Rob Harman (Nottingham): TBC
5 May 

John Marincola (Florida State University)
Polybius and emotional engagement

25 June 
NB: 5.30pm 

[Classical Association AGM Lecture]

Mark Bradley: Smelling Rome

Autumn 2014

30 September
NB: 5.30pm

[Classical Association/Hellenic Society lecture]
Patrick Finglass (Nottingham): Pitying Oedipus

7 October

Jerry Toner (Cambridge): Looking for popular culture in Roman oracles

14 October

[in association with the Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies]
Anton Powell (Swansea): Hard power and soft history: Spartan Studies - alchemy or chemistry?

21 October

Neville Morley (Bristol): Thucydides and the modern idea of history

28 October

Joanna Paul (Open University): Time’s relentless melt: capturing Pompeii in photography and cinema

11 November

[in association with the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception]
Douglas Cairns (Edinburgh): The Horror and the pity: Phrike as a tragic emotion

18 November   Ian Repath (Swansea): Achilles Tatius and Homer: beauty, art, sex, and violence

25 November

Jeremy Armstrong (Auckland): Warfare, coinage, and the creation of empire in the Middle Roman Republic

2 December

Lucy Audley-Miller (Oxford): Peopling the provinces: the faces of Roman Syria

9 December

Penelope Goodman (Leeds): Commemorating Augustus beyond Italy: the 1938 bimillennium as an international phenomenon

Spring 2014
4  February  David Konstan (NYU): Beauty in ancient Greek
11 February

 [in association with the Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies]

Helen Roche (Cambridge): "Wanderer, kommst du nach Sparta oder nach Stalingrad?" Spartan ideals of self-sacrifice and German military propaganda

18 February Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe (King’s College London): The serpent's bite: ideas of diabolical heresy in late antiquity
25 February Rebecca Langlands (Exeter): Roman heroes and military ethics in Roman exempla
4 March

[in association with the Institute for the Study of Slavery]

Niall McKeown: Interpretations of Homeric slavery

11 March

Barbara Burrell (Cincinnati): The promontory palace at Caesarea Maritima, Israel

Holt Parker (Cincinnati): The ancient medical writer Metrodora

18 March

Amy Russell (Durham): The Augustan senate and the Ara Pacis

25 March
NB: 5.30pm start
[in association with the Nottingham Branch of the Classical Association]

Charlotte Roueché (KCL): Classics without frontiers: antiquity in the twenty first century
1 April

Nick Wilshere: "Scary-eyed Athena" and "rustic Alexander": Homer, Lucian, and the Judgement of Paris

John Bloxham: Witch Hunter or Witch? A McCarthyite Socrates in the 1950s

8 April [in association with the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception]

Fiona Macintosh (Oxford): Sophoclean Shakespeare: Rediscovering Greek tragedy in the nineteenth century

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