MindMaze aims to revolutionize the rehabilitation process by combining advanced brain monitoring technology with interactive 3D environments to develop the next generation of medical devices. MindMotion is our unique virtual reality based neuro technology platform targeting improved rehabilitation post stroke and other neurological disorders. 

MindMotion PRO is a CE Marked hospital-based solution for early motor rehabilitation that enables you to increase the rehabilitation dose & intensity cost effectively. Simple set-up decouples therapist time from desired rehabilitation time.

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MindMotion GO is a virtual reality based neuro-technology platform providing a new neuro-rehabilitation experience. It has been designed by experts to treat motor impairments related to stroke and other neurological disorders allowing patients to reach their full recovery potential.

Talk to us to find out more how MindMaze Technology enables exciting new applications for VR in healthcare.

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Summit Medical and Scientific

Summit Medical and Scientific is the UK’s leading supplier of innovative biomechanics systems. Founded over 20 years ago, we work with market leaders to bring state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and precise measurement systems to universities, hospitals, clinics, sports centres, laboratories, football clubs and military facilities across the UK.

Partnering with Motek, Hocoma, AMTI, Myon, Treadmetrix and AccuPower Solutions, we supply systems such as the augmented and virtual reality C-Mill treadmill, the Andago robotic body weight support system, the Gait Real Time Interactive Lab (GRAIL), the Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN), a wide range of AMTI force plates, and Myon wireless EMG/IMU.



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