Genome Science 2018 : Organisers and Chairs


Organising Committee

Aziz Aboobaker , University of Oxford (also chairing the Developmental Biology session).

Kate Baker , University of Liverpool (also chairing the Microbial Genomics session).

Christine Hertz-Fowler , University of Liverpool (also chairing the Eukaryotic Microbe Genomics session).

Nick Loman , University of Birmingham (also chairing the Microbial Populations session).

Matt Loose , University of Nottingham (Conference opening and closing talks).

Mick Watson , Edinburgh Genomics (also chairing the Animal and Plant Genomics session).

Mike Quail (also chairing the Evolving Technologies and Single Cell Genomics sessions).

Dr. Quail obtained his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Hull. He spent two years at Quest International (a Unilever company) developing methods to produce natural food flavor compounds before pursuing a Ph.D. investigating the cytochrome P-450 system of Botrytis cinerea at the University of Sheffield. He then moved to the laboratory of Prof. John Guest where he undertook two successive Wellcome Trust-funded postdoctoral positions working on the regulation of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the function of iron-storage proteins in E. coli. Dr. Quail moved to the Sanger Centre in 1997 as a Senior Research Assistant working on subcloning for the pathogen sequencing program. He was promoted to project leader and then Head of Sequencing Library Construction. Dr. Quail was one of the early pioneers of next-generation sequencing sample preparation automation and multiplexing, and in 2010 changed role to manage the sequencing R&D group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He is involved in evaluation of new sequencing technologies, ancillary equipment, molecular biology kits and reagents, and develops new sequencing applications. From 2016 he has been a Senior Staff Scientist.


Additional Session Chairs

James McInerney (Evolutionary Genomics)

Richard Emes (Computational Biology)

Saskia Sanderson (Clinical Genetics)







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