Meat Science and Meat Quality


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Programme title: Meat Science and Meat Quality
Qualification: Available as a 10 or 20 credit module.
Start date: TBC 
Duration: E-learning package studied over 2-3 months followed by 4 optional days for a 10 credit module or 8 optional days for a 20 credit module. 
Maximum places available: Limited 
Fees: £1400 for 10 credits, or £2500 for 20 credits, however 50% bursaries are available for UK agrifood sector through AgriFood ATP. 
Available on weekends/evenings: No  

 School of Biosciences

Programme overview

Course description

The module covers all aspects of meat science including slaughterhouse procedures, meat maturation, secondary processing and packaging through to evaluation of meat quality, safety and sensory properties, as well as the effects of animal genetics, production and nutrition on meat quality and the role of meat consumption in human health. It particularly focuses on the impact of multiple factors throughout the process of converting muscle into meat through to the development of high quality and safe products.  

Programme detail

Course details

The module begins with an 'Introduction to Meat Science' (core package) – an e-learning suite to be studied as an introduction to the whole module. Participants will be expected to complete this before attending other parts of the module. Participants can then choose from the following training days held at Sutton Bonington.

Participants on the 10 credit module should choose 4 days training.
To complete the 20 credit module, participants can attend 8 days training.

  • Slaughterhouse Procedures.
  • Meat Quality Attributes.
  • Animal Production.
  • Animal genetics and the use of new technologies.
  • Meat Safety and Zoonosis.
  • Sensory Evaluation - An Introductory Workshop.
  • Specialized Packaging, Labelling and Processing (2 days).
  • Meat consumption and human health.


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