Deep Seq: Next Generation Sequencing Facility

Welcome to Deep Seq

The sequencing facility offers research scientists access to state of the art high-throughput sequencing technology.

Our experienced team of dedicated experimental scientists and bioinformaticians will work with you from the conception of your sequencing experiment to the final analysis of your data. As well as running standard sequencing projects such as RNASeq and Resequencing we provide bespoke analyses and enjoy the challenges of developing new and emerging techniques and pipelines.

Contact us to discuss your sequencing project and arrange a quote.

Sequencing Platforms

Deep Seq currently house the Illumina MiSeq and NextSeq500 sequencing platforms for low and medium throughput, which can supply single or paired reads from 75 to 600 cycles we regularly support and help with the running of Oxford NanoPore Technologies MinIONs. Deep Seq has also helped to develop software tools for MinION data analysis.

For larger projects Deep Seq can outsource to high throughput sequencing suppliers and can still offer support for those projects with experimental design, library prep and bioinformatics as required.

The Illumina NextSeq500 used in DeepSeq for mid throughput Sequencing runs
Illumina NextSeq500
Mid throughput sequencer with up to 150bp paired-end read length
The Illumina MiSeq used by Deep Seq with up to 300 base pair paired-end read length
Illumina MiSeq
Low throughput sequencer with up to 300bp paired-end read length
MinION for long read applications
Oxford NanoPore Technologies 
MinIONs for long read and real-time selective sequencing

Sequencing Applications

Whole genome & transcriptome sequencing, Targeted resequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-seq, MedIP-Seq, Small RNA sequencing, whole genome bisulphite sequencing, MeRIPSeq, 3' SAGE, Express service, Library QC prior to large scale sequencing. Contact us if you are interested in another techique not listed here.

Deep Seq can also provide support and advice for using Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinIONs and if you are interested in using this platform please come and discuss your project with us.


The facililty houses three post doctoral scientists with over 15 years combined experience in designing, processing and analysing NGS experiments. Deep Seq are experienced not only in the standard library prep proceedures but also work to deliver bespoke data sets.

Deep Seq also houses the Sanger DNA Sequencing Lab run by Matt Carlile who has over 6 years experience in sanger sequencing techniques.


For general Next Generation Sequencing enquiries or quotes please contact :

For general Sanger Sequencing enquiries and prices please contact : or if unavailable please contact Deep Seq.


Sage Science BluePippin 

Available in our multi-user lab area for size selection of DNA fragments up to 50Kb. Other equipment also available.

Cancer and Stem Cells Divisional Seminar

Tuesday 21st November  12:30-2pm, C1052 , QMC

Deepseq, Illumina and the Divicion of Cancer and Stem Cells have joined to deliver you a clinical focussed NGS seminar.

Deep Seq

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