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Network connectivity

The University data network provides connectivity between, and within, the University’s sites



What do we offer?

The large main campuses in Nottingham are interconnected with multiple fibre optic links providing 10Gbps connections between the core routers.

check_circle   Supports the IPv4 network protocol to allow systems connected to the network to communicate with each other and with the outside world.

check_circle   It has connections to the Global Internet, via EMMAN and SuperJANET in the UK, and via the national commercial and educational networks in Malaysia and China.

check_circle   The China and Malaysia campuses are linked into the data network currently via the public Internet. Smaller campuses in the East Midlands are linked into the data network via the East Midlands Metropolitan Area Network (EMMAN) at speeds up to 100Mbps.



What does the service cost?

check_circle   Free at point of use


Support for researchers

Additional networking 

Additional bandwidth or network points can be provided by Information Services. 

There may be a cost implication for the work and equipment required.

Please contact the IT Service Desk or your local Campus IT support team with your requirements.

Networking for legacy equipment

Older equipment that may require specialised network connectivity can be catered for. This includes equipment that can no longer be kept updated with security patches, etc

There may be cost implications for the work and equipment required. 

Please contact the IT Service Desk or local Campus IT support team with your requirements. 




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