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Internet access in halls

Connect to wired and wireless Student Network Services (SNS) in Halls.



Your responsibilities as a student

check_circle   Provide your own Ethernet cable to connect to the wired network in halls of residence

check_circle   Install antivirus software prior to connecting to the network

check_circle   Ensure your device is secure and up to date with latest system updates

check_circle   Compliance with university policies



How can I connect to the Halls network?

eduroam: This is the preferred wireless network and allows connections across campus and at thousands of other universities worldwide. When in halls of residence, eduroam will allow for many types of video streaming, gaming and other services that may be blocked on campus. Visit eduroam Wi-Fi for steps on how to connect.

UoN-halls: A wireless network for connecting games consoles and other devices that currently do not support connection to eduroam. Access to this network is restricted to registered devices only. Allows access to the same resources as eduroam and the wired network. Visit the Workspace guide (login required) for steps on how to register and connect to UoN-halls.

Wired network: There is also a data point in each room which may be used to connect compatible devices.



What can I connect to the Halls network?

You can connect your personal computer, games console or other devices, however, some online gaming services may be unavailable.

The University’s wired and Wi-Fi networks do not support most personal printers. University-managed halls have printers and we recommend you use the mobile print service when printing in halls.


Remember the Hall network is a shared network and your devices may be unintentionally accessible to other users. Please ensure you set up appropriate security access and network sharing options. Check your device manufacturers web pages for more information.

Applications (unsupported)

The following applications are allowed but have no or limited support.

We cannot ensure these applications will work due to network limitations and other restrictions, and the IT Service Desk may not be able to assist in configuring them.

  • Websites external to the University of Nottingham
  • Voice or video chat 
  • Text-based chat (QQ, NJStar, Yahoo, AIM, iMessage)
  • VOIP (apart from applications listed as fully supported)
  • Online gaming (not all games and online services may be accessible)
  • Games consoles
  • Streaming media and 'Catch-up' TV websites such as Spotify, BBC iPlayer, 4OD etc

The IT Service Desk will not offer support to configure these applications for use with the service beyond ensuring you have a connection to the internet.

Banned applications, devices and services
  • Sending emails via SMTP except through the University SMTP server (
  • Bit-Torrent or similar peer to peer (P2P) applications (including LimeWire, Transmit, DC++, µTorrent etc), or any file-sharing capabilities of the operating system
  • File-sharing websites such as RapidShare and MegaUpload (including paid-for and subscription services). These sites are often used for sharing copyrighted content and it is impossible to detect the difference between content types
  • Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) except those to other University of Nottingham campuses at Ningbo or Malaysia or where prior agreement has been reached with Digital and Technology Services
  • Using anonymous proxy services or other services designed to bypass these restrictions
  • Operating a computer or device which provides services to other users, such as a file server or any network equipment or software designed to allow multiple computers to share a single connection such as Apple's Time Capsule, routers (wired or wireless), switches, hubs and printers. Exceptions to this will be made for hardware provided by Information Services or the University
  • Using two network connections at once, for example a 4G USB modem as well as a wired connection. Exceptions may be granted for hardware provided by Digital and Technology Services or the University


How do I get network support in a third party managed hall? 

Please note: eduroam Wi-Fi in third party halls is a 'visited' experience. Not all University resources may be accessible.

Third party managed halls
HallConnectionWho to contact for help
Albion House


eduroam Wi-Fi

Bonington Hall


eduroam Wi-Fi

Campus Living Village
Broadgate Park


eduroam Wi-Fi

Eviton House

Wired network

eduroam Wi-Fi

University of Nottingham
Cloister Houses


eduroam Wi-Fi

Raleigh Park


eduroam Wi-Fi

Derwent Living
St Michael's Flats

Wired network

eduroam Wi-Fi

University of Nottingham
St Peters Court Studentcom UNITE





All students who connect their devices in University and third party managed halls of residence must comply with the following policies:

check_circle    Student Network Service: Fair Usage policy (PDF)

check_circle    Student Network Service: Terms and Conditions (PDF)

check_circle    Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Further information and policies can be found on the Information Security Policies SharePoint site (SharePoint log in required):

Information Security Policies


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