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Welcome to Econverse, the space where intellectually stimulating conversations take place that will inspire and inform your economics aspirations.

Econverse is a student led initiative supported by the School of Economics here at the University of Nottingham.

Join us, as we invite inspirational guests from within the University of Nottingham and beyond, to provide valuable insights into their life after graduation.

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Econverse Podcast

What can you expect from the podcast?

With each season the podcast will explore a variety of themes. Econverse aims to gather business moguls, policy makers and change agents from banking and consultancy, government and policy, international organisations, not for profits and research institutes, think tanks and much more.

The Econverse team speak with those who are using and applying their understanding of micro and macroeconomics, econometrics, and mathematical and financial economics, to life and business situations in today’s economy and more importantly, how to convey broad socio-economic topics to a wider audience.

On this podcast, we aim to answer the following questions:

  • What was your motivation to study a degree in economics?
  • What changes are you seeing within your sector right now?
  • What hope do you have for seemingly unsolved world problems?
  • What role does technology have in the recovery of the economy?
  • What are you reading right now?

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Meet the Founders

The podcast was founded by four BSc Economics students in the Autumn of 2022 with one common passion. To communicate broad socio-economic and political concepts to a wider audience by inviting guests from every sector to inspire and share the wisdom and knowledge they have acquired on a platform accessible to all. The team set out to discover the diversity, and breadth within economics and to understand more about where an economics degree can really take you. 

Jack Rycroft Sherry

Jack Rycroft Sherry

Hello! I'm Jack, a third-year student at Nottingham and the current President of the Green Economy Society.

I have a keen interest in sustainable economics and the power of dialogue to explore complex ideas. My experience in fostering industry connections, managing multiple responsibilities, and my love for podcasts, make me excited to bring my skills and passion to the Economics Podcast Committee. I'm eager to collaborate and contribute to enriching discussions on significant economic issues!


Aditi Solanki 

Aditi SolankiHello! My name is Aditi Solanki and I’m a second-year international student studying BSc Economics and International Economics. Meaningful conversations are the most interesting way to communicate and collaborate insights. I’ve always been naturally attracted to podcasts because of their ability to educate people. Some of my personal favourite podcasts are Naval, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Economist podcast, and The Financial Times podcast. The opportunity to be involved in the making of a podcast was exceptionally exciting, not only from a student's perspective but also for my curious self. I’m eager to initiate ideation and work with the School of Economics and other talented students for this project! 

Kushi Talwar

Kushi Talwar

Hey, I am Khushi, and I am a second year economics student. Podcasts have always been a great source of knowledge for me.

Currently, my go to podcast is “Let’s talk about Mental Health”. Being part of an economics podcast is an amazing way to meet new people and seemed interesting. Therefore, I applied for this position.

Lastly, I am looking forward to have mindful conversations and learn from this opportunity.

Shanahan Prabawo 

Shanahan PrabawoMy favourite podcasts currently the Economist Podcast and the Joe Rogan Experience. The former I listen to because it is an easily digestible source of economics news I can take whilst walking to my classes, during my part-time work and so on. The latter I listen to casually like when I am eating because it is simply hilarious.

My primary goal within the School of Economics podcast is to build a basic but strong foundation for future committees to build on. Econverse is one of few podcasts catering to undergraduate students within the economics field, so the opportunity to pioneer something new is really exciting!


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