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Student Voice

Student Voice

In the School of Economics we are proud of our student satisfaction ranking, but are continuously looking at ways to improve.

Through our Learning Community Forum (LCF), elected Course Reps and surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS) our students have the opportunity to influence their academic life and make a meaningful impact on the future of the school.

On this page we have highlighted some of the ways that you can share your views and suggestions and play an active role in shaping your student experience.


If you have questions on the ways you can make your voice heard, please contact

Learning Community Forum (LCF)

The termly LCF enables students to share feedback with academic staff throughout the year. They also allow the school to report back to students on the changes that have been made in response to this feedback.

Student Representatives

Every course has a Student Representative who represents your views and concerns to academic staff in at the school's LCF meetings. You can contact your Course Rep to discuss any issues you may have with your academic experience. You also have an Education Rep who represents all the Course Reps and acts as the link between them and the Students' Union.


The National Student Survey (NSS)

The NSS is an independent survey conducted annually in UK. All final year undergraduates will be invited to complete the NSS during the spring term of their final year. The data is really useful in helping us to understand what our students love about the school and how the changes we have made have improved the overall student experience.

SETs and SEMs

Students can provide feedback on their academic programme through the University’s Student Evaluation of Modules (SEM) and Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) process.



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