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Peer-to-Peer Support

Peer-to-peer support enables students to gain advice and guidance from fellow students who have been in the same position.

The School of Economics runs two schemes each year where returning undergraduates volunteer to share their experiences and knowledge with new students to aid the transition from school to university and help them settle in to university.

Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) Scheme

The School of Economics runs a "Peer Assisted Study Support" or PASS scheme to support first year economics students who do not have A level maths. This involves year two or three students with maths experience and ability helping year one students in the autumn term with fundamental maths material needed for their economics degrees.

PASS Leaders receive an orientation and training before helping to run a series of small mentoring group sessions. At each session, students will work through pre-set exercises before PASS Leaders share solutions on the whiteboard and respond to questions raised by students. The PASS Leader role can contribute to a Nottingham Advantage Award module.

Peer Mentoring

The School of Economics peer mentoring scheme recruits experienced students from year two who are trained to act as mentors to incoming first years. This mentoring/buddy scheme provides support and assistance with practical issues related to studying at university such as signing up to modules, using the library, attending lectures and taking useful notes.

The mentors are all experienced economics students and will offer support to small groups of a maximum of 3-5 students. Students who have benefited from the support of a mentor in their first year often act as mentors themselves in their second year, returning the 'favour' to junior students and gaining valuable CV experience in the process. Mentors can also use the role as credits towards the Nottingham Advantage Award.



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