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Handbook of Vocational Education and Training

This new publication is co-edited by Professor Simon McGrath, UNESCO Chair in International Education and Development in the Centre for International Education Research.

The handbook looks at the developments in the changing world of work and:

  • discusses trends for initial and continuing vocational learning across all settings
  • examines how new technologies are opening up new areas of work and revolutionising learning
  • explores the role of private training markets

The handbook brings together and promotes research on the area of vocational education and training (VET). It analyses current and future economic and labour market trends and relates these to likely implications for vocational education and training. It questions how VET engages with the growing power of human development approaches and with the sustainable development agenda. Equity and inclusion are discussed in a range of ways by the authors and the consideration of the construction of these terms is an important element of the handbook. It further addresses both the overall notion of system reform, at different scales, and what is known about particular technologies of systems reform across a variety of settings. Vocational learning and VET teacher/trainer education are discussed from a comparative perspective. National and comparative experiences are also shared on questions of equity and efficiency in funding in terms of those that fund and are funded, and for a range of funding methodologies. As well as reviewing existing gaps, this handbook is looking forward in identifying promising new directions in research and environment.

This handbook has had over 10,000 downloads, visit the publishers website for more information on purchasing and downloading.

Posted on Wednesday 2nd October 2019

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