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Who really cares about using education research in policy and practice?

This book features a case study  from Professor Toby Greany and Dr Georgina Hudson's research of the Western Excellence in Learning and Leadership (WELL) initiative.

About the book

Developing a Culture of Research Engagement

In today's dynamic and rapidly evolving world, evidence-informed decision-making has emerged as a cornerstone in guiding effective education policy and practice. In particular, creating a culture of research engagement is often highlighted as a key ingredient to strengthening the impact of research. However, it is not always clear how that works in practice.

The publication provides analyses of data collected from more than 30 education systems. It delves into how systemic and organisational capacity for thoughtful engagement with research can be built into policy and practice. It also contains concrete examples of building a culture of research engagement by presenting diverse case studies, analyses, tools and processes. It is intended as a practical resource for policy makers, educational leaders, teachers and the research community to stimulate reflection and guide their efforts to developing a culture of research engagement in education.

Case study

Chapter 11 focusses on organisational and network culture with a lens on leadership and features a case study from Professor Toby Greany and Dr Georgina Hudson:
Strengthening evidence-informed practice across a place-based network of schools in Cumbria, England: Strategic choices and operational dilemmas

Posted on Friday 6th October 2023

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