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Stefanie Sullivan

Director of Initial Teacher Education, Faculty of Social Sciences



Stefanie joined the School of Education in 2003 and is currently the Director of Initial Teacher Education.

Having taught mathematics in middle and secondary schools, Stefanie spent several years as a consultant and INSET provider working with primary and secondary teachers around the country and writing and reviewing teaching and learning materials for teachers of mathematics before joining the School of Education.

Having led the maths team for several years, Stefanie became the Secondary PGCE Course Leader in 2011 and has been the Director of Initial Teacher Education since September 2016. Stefanie has led on a variety of innovations across the partnership including developing the Primary School Direct Programme which began in September 2013.

Stefanie led on the development of our Postgraduate Certificate in Mentoring Beginning Teachers and is a cohort coordinator for a PGCEi programme in Dubai.

As well as being a member of ATM, AMET, BSRLM and BERA, Stefanie is a member of the ACME (Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education) Outer Circle.

In 2010 Stefanie was awarded the Lord Dearing Award for Teaching and Learning.

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Research Summary

Stefanie's main area of research interest is initial teacher education and collaborative approaches to professional development.

Stefanie is particularly interested in: exploring how to develop beginning teachers' subject knowledge for teaching, with a focus on didactics; mentoring and coaching beginning teachers; exploring ways of enabling teachers to use video stimulated recall to enter into a professional development dialogue that has a direct impact on their classroom teaching.

Recent Publications

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