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Equality and Diversity Pledge

Promoting and Celebrating a diverse teacher workforce


Starting in 2021, a group of ITE providers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire began working together to try to optimise the teacher training experience for all beginning teachers and ensure they are protected from discrimination, harassment or victimisation due to protected characteristics. This work stemmed from Nottingham Citizens Better Learning campaign, with a vision for Nottingham to ‘be known as a place where our educational institutions are taking the lead on creating an anti-racist curriculum and an anti-racist and inclusive teaching environment’.

Through this work, we developed an Equality and Diversity Pledge which we hope, over time, all local ITE providers will commit to. By signing the pledge providers will be able to:

  • join our network of providers, share good practice and listen to authentic voices who will support us to bring about change
  • use the pledge to promote, celebrate and develop their ITE provision


  • To promote and celebrate a diverse and inclusive teacher workforce
  • To continually educate ourselves and promote the education of others
  • To avoid deficit models where solutions are aimed at changing individuals
  • To provide safe spaces for beginning teachers to share and discuss experiences
  • To provide spaces for us to hear all voices and use this to develop our curricula and approaches and affect change

The Pledge

The pledge document includes full details about working collaboratively to bring about change and to implement the pledge to improve our individual institution's ITE provision.

Download pledge document (PDF)

Email Stef Sullivan to sign up to the pledge



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