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The Partnership

At Nottingham, our Initial Teaching Education partnership is based on a shared responsibility for the training of beginning teachers and their introduction to professional work in schools.

The University, schools and beginning teachers all have clearly defined roles which depend upon mutual trust, openness and teamwork.

We collaborate on:

  • planning, developing and teaching the training course
  • selecting, supporting and assessing beginning teachers
  • monitoring and evaluating the training course

We all benefit from the opportunity to review our own practice and ways of working. This leads to improved performance and enhanced professional development.

Initital training is the first stage in the development of a good teacher and, together with our partner schools, we are committed to ensuring that teachers review, adapt and improve their professional practice throughout their careers.

The shared vision and ethos...permeates the partnership. This is characterised by very strong and active partnerships with schools, a highly inclusive approach, high expectations, the relentless pursuit of excellence and the continual drive to improve further in order to enhance the quality of training and ensure trainees enter the profession as good or outstanding teachers.

Ofsted, 2014

The University of Nottingham partnership agreement outlines the responsibilities and roles of both the University and the school. For further details or to request a copy of the partnership agreement please contact us.

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