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Jubilee Press Publications

This is an archive of open access publications by Jubilee Press, funded by the School of Education which ran from 2012-2014.

Jubilee Press publications
ISBN No.TitleAuthorPublished
978-1-906235-07-9 Exploring the complexity: the theoretical journey of a novice researcher Fellah Lahmar February 2012
978-1-906235-08-6 Collisions of two communities: Developing higher education student teachers' creativity in design through a social networking collaboration with professional designers Zaleha Abdullah February 2012
978-1-906235-09-3 Effective Classroom Practice: A mixed-method study of influences Alison Kington, Elaine Regan, Pam Sammons and
Christopher Day 
July 2012
978-1-906235-12-3  Theorising Further Education through a capability lens: vulnerability and freedoms Aurora Lopez Fogues July 2012
978-1-906235-16-1 Greek Educational provision in the UK: Reform under the financial crisis Iordanis Paraskevopoulos July 2012
978-1-906235-10-9 Recontextualisation of the Bologna Process: Impacts on Students  Marina Elias July 2012
978-1-906235-11-6 The Political Economy of Mass Higher Education: Privatisation and Nationalisation Sir Peter Scott July 2012
978-1-906235-13-0 Essays on Higher Education and Society: Volume I Edited by Monica McLean and Melanie Walker August 2012 
978-1-906235-15-4 Bring Back Teaching Richard Pring November 2012
978-1-906235-18-5 Essays on Higher Education and Society: Volume II Edited by Monica McLean and Melanie Walker December 2012 
978-1-906235-17-8 Task Based Learning Applied Mehran Esfandiari, Paul Knight, Julia Molinari, Sally Zacharias August 2012
978-1-906235-21-5 Exploring Methodological and Ethical Issues in Researching Teachers' Informal Learning on a Social Networking Site Radzuwan Ab Rashid March 2014
978-1-906235-20-8 Being 'The Principal': One Beginning Principal's Practices, Challenges and Feelings Rinelle-Lee Piggott June 2014


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