Initial Teacher Education

English Initial Teacher Education

Shakespeare's McBeth book

You will need to use your enthusiasm and knowledge for English language and English literature to take a critical and imaginative approach to the teaching of English in today's secondary schools.

Over the course, you will explore a wide variety of teaching methods to empower children through their use of spoken and written language. You will develop your own, critical approach to question the curriculum and the place and purpose of English as a secondary school subject.  

What you will cover

The English-specific elements of the course will explore the requirements of the English curriculum and the needs of learners through the consideration of concepts including:

  • teaching Shakespeare as if his work was a spectacular treasure instead of an academic entry qualification
  • technology enhanced learning in the English classroom
  • teaching poetry as a live art form with an exciting history
  • helping children to understand that language is a workable material and that knowledge of all its aspects is interesting, purposeful and powerful

Other sessions will be focused on understanding the learner, school cultures and procedures and the personal and professional identities of the English teacher.

You will explore English teaching perspectives on:

  • lesson planning and evaluation
  • explaining and questioning
  • differentiation and assessment for learning
  • behaviour and motivation for learning
  • historical construction of the subject

My teaching approach is that learning is a non-linear journey and one that should embody a feeling of joy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying learning, in fact, it should be encouraged and celebrated. Likewise, teachers should be able to laugh, feel happy and to enjoy their work too. Let’s create lessons that spark joy for both pupils and teachers.

Fleur McCole
Secondary PGCE English Course Leader

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The sessions at the university were very helpful and provided a great insight into pedagogy and education. These sessions mostly gave me perspective and evaluative skills within teaching; they also gave me bountiful ways to teach the subject of English, which I am forever grateful for.

Marcus Lawrence
Secondary PGCE English

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