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"In addition to the support provided by tutors and mentors, there is a sense of being part of a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for history and a desire to communicate this to pupils."

Do you want to make history come alive for young people? Our course will enable you to become a teacher who can make a real difference to the lives of pupils, ensuring they have a meaningful and engaging experience of history during their time at school. We will support you in developing your own philosophy of teaching history based on innovative and evidenced based practice.

We work with you and our partner schools to ensure you have a substantive understanding of history based on extensive subject knowledge and continued engagement of historical scholarship.

What you will cover

You will:

  • explore a range of different approaches and activities used in history classrooms
  • work closely with local partners such as the National Holocaust Centre to develop your understanding of history outside the classroom
  • examine how historical sites, fieldwork visits and museums can support and enhance pupil learning
  • develop a substantive understanding of history based on extensive subject knowledge and a deep appreciation of historical concepts and processes.

You will be encouraged to utilise your passion for the subject to develop inventive ways to engage your pupils with the past. You will work with them to analyse, interpret, evaluate and contextualise events and historical sources.

The history team

Subject tutors are supported by:



2018 graduates Alex and Wendy discuss various aspects of the history course:

Choosing the PGCE or School Direct route.

Starting the history course.

The exchange programme with the University of Connecticut.



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