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History Initial Teacher Education

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Do you want to make history come alive for all young people? Our course will enable you to become a teacher who can make a real difference to the lives of pupils from every background, ensuring they have a meaningful and engaging experience of history during their time at school. We will support you in developing your own philosophy of teaching history based on innovative and evidenced based practice. 

History in the classroom

We will explore a range of different approaches and activities used in history classrooms and you will be encouraged to use your passion for history to develop inventive ways to engage your pupils with the past. You will work with them to analyse, interpret, evaluate and contextualise events and historical sources. 


Partnership schools

Our course ensures that you spend much of your time in schools. Our partnership schools are diverse and represent the full breadth of communities in our region. We work with you and our partner schools and school mentors to ensure you have a deep understanding of how history can be taught in different settings and ensure that all students are supported in their learning.


Develop your subject knowledge for teaching history

You will develop a substantive understanding of history based on extensive subject knowledge and a deep appreciation of historical concepts and processes. You will continue to engage with historical scholarship and you will also study how the history curriculum is constructed and how different voices are represented within, or excluded from, the curriculum.


History for all

We are keen to educate history teachers who will seek to ensure all children see themselves represented in the history curriculum and are supported to understand how globalised histories interact to develop our national historical narrative.


History beyond the classroom

We work closely with local partners such as the National Holocaust Centre to develop your understanding of history outside the classroom. You will have the opportunity to examine how historical sites, fieldwork visits and museums can support and enhance pupil learning. 


The wider history teaching community 

You will be introduced to the local, national and international history teaching community and the ongoing professional development conversations between history teachers. There will be opportunities for you to engage with history teachers from across the country in a variety of settings.


I love walking alongside beginning teachers as they translate their own fascination for the subject of history into the ability to convey that passion and excitement to pupils in the classroom. Supporting beginning teachers to develop their own teacher identity is an honour. I see a significant part of my role as centring around preparing beginning teachers for career long growth.

Vic Crooks
Secondary PGCE History Course Leader

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It sounds like a cliché, but I was genuinely taken aback by the amount of support I received from my school-based mentors. Before starting my first placement, I found it really hard to shake the feeling that I would be a nuisance to any department, despite frequent reassurance from the university team that this would not be the case - they were correct. The mentors that work with the university to deliver this course are well-informed, supportive, dedicated and most importantly, human. They are excited to have you! 

Danni Jackson
Secondary PGCE History

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