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Barbara Turnbull

Associate Professor in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering



Barbara Turnbull is a member of the Geohazards and Earth Processes research group.

Recent Publications

  • JANJUA, Z. A., TURNBULL, B., HIBBERD, S. and CHOI, K.-S., 2018. Mixed ice accretion on aircraft wings: Physics of Fluids Physics of Fluids. 30(2),
  • FAUG, T., TURNBULL, B. and GAUER, P., 2018. Looking beyond the powder/dense flow avalanche dichotomy Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface. 2018JF004665 (In Press.)
  • M. J. KESSELER, V. HELLER and B. TURNBULL, 2018. A laboratory-numerical approach for modelling scale effects in dry granular slides Landslides. (In Press.)
  • ZAID A. JANJUA, BARBARA TURNBULL, KWANG-LEONG CHOY, CHRISTOS PANDIS, JUNPENG LIU, XIANGHUI HOU and KWING-SO CHOI, 2017. Performance and durability tests of smart icephobic coatings to reduce ice adhesion Applied Surface Science. 407, 555-564

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