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David Hann

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I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1990 with BSc in Physics and immediately started a PhD looking into optical techniques for understanding non-linear acoustics problems. The instrument development on the PIV technique led me to work with Dundee University on water wave studies and later with King's College London on a range of fluid problems. I was a Marie Curie Fellow at Trinity College in Dublin from 2002-2005 and then took a lectureship position at the University of Nottingham.

I am also a member of the Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group.

Expertise Summary

I am specialized in optical measuring technology and have applied these techniques to a wide range of applications from small scale (droplet formation in steam turbines) to large scale (water wave studies).

I am one of the co-managers of the Centre for Advanced Measurement for Engineering Research Applications (CAMERA) , and have been working on extending measuring techniques to a wider range of areas.

Recent interests include infrared imaging of droplet impact on thin films and using sound to generate electricity.

Research Summary

Using a wavelet based technique to measure the size of plants from aerial photography.

Thermo acoustic engines

Development of Measurement techniques

Multiphase fluid measurements

Selected Publications

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