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Feng Zhou

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Armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in additive manufacturing, my work seamlessly integrates the realms of academic research and applied technology across disciplines such as robotics and generative design. Beyond industrial applications, my collaborations with artists and architects have gained exhibition exposure, while my initiatives in HCI and HRI break new ground.

Expertise Summary

Leveraging a multidisciplinary background that covers additive manufacturing, HCI, generative design, HRI, and haptics, I bring a unique blend of academic and industrial experience across various sectors.

Additive Manufacturing: Specializing in nearly 9 years of research in large-scale, non-planar additive manufacturing, my work is uniquely based on six-axis industrial robots. I have developed an array of extrusion systems and a universally compatible control system for industrial robots.

Industrial Experience: My industrial journey is marked by co-founding an additive manufacturing company and serving as the Head of Additive Manufacturing at AI Build.

Exhibitions: Engaged in large-scale additive manufacturing collaborations with artists and architects, I have showcased work at the following exhibitions: - Exo-Evolution at ZKM, Germany (Oct 2015) - Daedalus Pavilion at GTC, Amsterdam (Sep 2016) - Daedalus Pavilion at Digital Construction Week, London (Oct 2016) - Thallus at Milano Design Week, Milan (Apr 2017)

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) & Generative design: In HCI, my approach shifts the paradigm from "designing the design" to "dancing the design," using motion capture and generative design to create personalized prosthetics for disabled dancers.

Human-Robot Interaction (HRI): My HRI endeavors incorporate facial recognition and path-planning algorithms, making it possible for children to interact naturally with robotic arms.

Haptics: In the field of haptics, I developed Somabotics-a ROS-based software system allowing for the flexible combination of diverse sensors and actuators without programming expertise.

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