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Yuehong Su

Associate Professor, Institute of Sustainable Energy Technology, Faculty of Engineering



Dr Yuehong Su is a member of the Buildings, Energy & Environment Research Group.

Expertise Summary

Dr Yuehong Su is an Associate Professor in Energy and Buildings at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Nottingham. He has about 30 years research experience in heat pump, air conditioning, adsorption/absorption/ejector cooling, desalination, energy efficiency, heat storage, solar concentration, PV/thermal, daylighting, low energy buildings, natural ventilation and CFD modelling. Dr Su has worked on a number of projects funded by the EPSRC, EU, Innovate UK, NSFC and industry and has published over 160 papers in refereed journals and conferences. He has been the supervisor/co-supervisor of about 20 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. He teaches Engineering Thermodynamics, Air Conditioning Technology, Daylighting and Solar Architecture Modelling, and he is the Course Director for MSc Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship. Dr Su has recently supervised several Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship projects and jointly managed one FP7 ICARUS project and several EPSRC and Innovate UK projects on sustainable energy technologies.

Research Summary

PV/Thermal: building-integrated solar concentration PV/Thermal

Daylighting: RADIANCE and PHOTOPIA simulation, measurement and monitoring of daylighting devices

Natural ventilation: evaluation and simulation of Monodraught windcatchers

Building simulation: EnergyPlus simulation of low energy designs

Selected Publications

Past Research

Cooling: adsorption/absorption/ejector cooling

Thermodynamic analysis

Heat storage

Advanced refrigeration and heat pump cycles

Future Research

Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) for PV & daylighting

PHOTOPIA optical simulation

EnergyPlus simulation

Low temperature power generation

Thermal storage


Advanced air conditioning

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: PV/Thermal, daylighting, solar concentration, natural ventilation, air conditioning, heat pump, adsorption/absorption/ejector cooling, heat storage, desalination, applied thermodynamics, building energy simulation.

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