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Zeyuan Xu

Senior Research Fellow - Thermofluids Research Group, Faculty of Engineering



Zeyuan Xu is a member of the Fluids and Thermal Engineering research group

Recent Publications

  • LEE, D. S., AMARA, Z., CLARK, C. A., XU, Z., KAKIMPA, B., MORVAN, H. P., PICKERING, S. J., POLIAKOFF, M. and GEORGE, M. W., 2017. Continuous Photo-Oxidation in a Vortex Reactor: Efficient Operations Using Air Drawn from the Laboratory 21(7), 1042-1050
  • D. GERADA, D. GOLOVANOV, ZEYUAN XU, L. PAPINI, M. DEGANO, HE ZHANG and C. GERADA, 2017. Holistic electrical machine optimization for system integration In: 2017 IEEE 3rd International Future Energy Electronics Conference and ECCE. 980-985
  • Z. XU, A.LA ROCCA, P. ARUMUGAM, S. J. PICKERING, C. GERADA, S. BOZHKO, D. GERADA and H. ZHANG, 2017. A Semi-Flooded Cooling for a High Speed Machine: Concept, Design and Practice of an Oil Sleeve In: IECON conference.
  • AL-TIMIMY, A., DEGANO, MICHELE, XU, Z., LO CALZO, G., GIANGRANDE, P., GALEA, M. and GERADA, C., 2016. Trade-off Analysis and Design of a High Power Density PM Machine for Flooded Industrial Pump In: IECON 2016 - 42nd Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

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