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Arwa Alfreah

Research Student,


Research Summary

Current Status

PhD (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic

The role of input-modality in the explicit and implicit acquisition of metonymic words by natives and non-natives.

Research Summary

My research project aims to examine the acquisition of metonymic words by both native and non-native speakers of English, with a specific focus on the impact of multimodal input and textual input enhancement on incidental acquisition. Metonymy is a figure of speech where a word or phrase is used to refer to something else, and its acquisition can be challenging for language learners. The study aims to investigate the efficacy of integrating verbal input with visual modality and textual input enhancement strategies in promoting the incidental acquisition of metonymic words among both native and non-native speakers of English. Additionally, the study aims to explore the effectiveness of explicit instruction in the acquisition of these words. By understanding the effect of multimodal input, textual input enhancement, and explicit instruction on metonymic word acquisition, the research aims to contribute to the field of second language acquisition and provide insights into effective pedagogical methods.

Research Interests

I'm interested in vocabulary acquisition, figurative language, metonymy, input-modality and quantitative research.

Research Supervisor/s

Prof. Kathy Conklin

Dr. Ruediger Thul

Primary Funding Sources

Saudi Cultural Bureau (SACB)

Ministry of Education (MOE)

Taibah University

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Clusters Memberships

Psycholinguistics and Bilingual Research Group, University of Nottingham.

Open Science Community Saudi Arabia (OSCSA).

Additional Information

Lecturer in Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, 2020-2021.

MA in English Language and Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham, 2015-2016

TA in Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, 2012-2020.

TA in Qassim University, Saudi Arabia, 2011-2012.

BA in English Language, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia, 2007-2011.

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