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Natalia Radziwillowicz

Research Student,


Research Summary

Current Status

PhD (part-time) - currently registered.

Research Topic

Considering the connections between Scandinavia and the southern Baltic coast c. 10th-13th centuries.

Research Summary

My research project centers around the connections between Scandinavia and the southern Baltic coast, c. 10th-13th centuries. I am assessing primarily textual evidence, utilising archaeological evidence where appropriate to provide further insight and context. The literary primary sources I will be considering in further detail include both Latin and Old Norse texts, while the archaeological evidence may include carved figurines, ship burials and inscriptions. This project aims to reveal how Vikings and Baltic groups forged connections through trade, piracy and exploration, and how the growth of this engagement affected cross-European exchange.

Medieval authors referred to Viking and Slavic populations and to the geography of various regions in different ways, showcasing the ever-changing nature of external preconceptions and biases, while also indicating how cultural identities are formed and interpreted. Surviving texts by these authors and others provide crucial information - both in what is mentioned, and what is omitted - on perceptions of trade, settlement and cross-cultural growth and exchange.

Research Interests

The Viking Age

Ritual versus religion

Folk history and tradition

Cross-European contact in the medieval period

Mythology and notions of afterlives

Concepts of identity

Women's experiences through history

Queer experiences through history

Research Supervisors

Professor Judith Jesch

Dr Monica White

Dr Kate Olley

Primary Funding Sources

Christine Fell Award


Radziwillowicz, Natalia (2017). 'Considering the connections between Scandinavia and the southern Baltic coast in the 10th-11th centuries.' Innervate: Leading student work in English studies.


MSc Medieval Literatures and Cultures (Pass with Distinction), University of Edinburgh, 2018.

BA (Hons) Viking Studies (1st Class), University of Nottingham, 2017.

Recent Publications

Past Research

'A comparative study of the mechanics of the afterlife in medieval Christendom and Old Norse tradition.' This project considered the ways in which the afterlife was portrayed by Dante Alighieri in his 'Divine Comedy', and contrasted and compared this with the way life after death was portrayed in the writings of Snorri Sturluson. This research was written up as an MSc thesis.

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