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Research Summary

Current Status: PhD (full-time) - currently registered

Research Topic: Teaching English to Chinese Deaf Students

Research Summary:

Disability is not a state. Instead of merely focusing on physical impairments, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (United Nations General Assembly, 2007) defines the term "disability" as a result of being unable to effectively participate in society on an equally basis of the others.

As suggested by numerous studies, it is noteworthy that deaf and hard-of-hearing students are also able to and interested in learning a foreign language. This research aims to demonstrate how Chinese high school deaf students learn English as a foreign language through studying both the students and their language teachers. Besides, it also targets to test the efficiency of certain teaching and learning strategies.

The results of this research will have practical benefits for language learning and teaching, and will foster awareness of the specific needs that deaf and hard-of-hearing students have when it comes to acquiring a foreign language.

Research Interests:

  • More specifically, I am interested in the characteristics of deaf foreign language students, the credentials that language teachers require to teach deaf students, and potential ways for enhancing the teaching and learning process.

Research Supervisors:

Professor Svenja Adolphs; Professor Douglas Hartley

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