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The School of English Literacy Support Project gives students the opportunity to volunteer in Nottingham schools to improve the literacy levels of local children who are not achieving the minimum national standards.

Student volunteers are achieving fantastic results through their encouragement and enthusiastic support for this scheme.

This extracurricular activity is a great way to contribute to the local community, whilst enhancing your employability.

Current students

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It is a unique opportunity offering students the chance to have a positive impact on the wider Nottingham community.

Why our students get involved

  • To make a difference 
    Many of the pupils at the schools don’t have someone at home to listen to them read and encourage them in their literacy. It’s a great opportunity for University of Nottingham students to be positive role models in the pupils’ lives and take an interest in their personal development
  • To develop transferable skills that can help improve your employability
    Volunteers develop valuable skills such as communication, leadership and networking.
  • To gain experience in a teaching environment 
    This is particularly useful for those students considering studying for a teaching training qualification after graduation.
  • To get out of the ‘University bubble’ 
    Volunteering offers you the chance to get off campus and engage with the Nottingham community.
  • To have fun!
    Previous volunteers have really enjoyed their time in the schools; that’s why they return year on year!

There is little more rewarding than a breakthrough session when a particular poem or book really excites them. I would definitely encourage anyone to take part because it really does give you lots of skills and experience.


- Bethan Holt (Literacy Support Project Volunteer)

Where our students get involved

Students can volunteer in several local schools located close to the University Park Campus, including:

  • The University of Nottingham Samworth Academy

The Literacy Support Project is a unique opportunity to give to the local community, and get more back in return. Working with pupils in the disadvantaged area of Bilborough is highly rewarding, yet also a way to develop transferable skills that you can show to employers post-graduation.

Partnered with both primary and secondary schools, the programme has a variety of projects to get involved with. If you want to enter the teaching profession, get more out of your degree, and make a difference, then the Literacy Support Project is definitely the way to go! 


- Lucy Stone (Literacy Support Project Volunteer)

What to do if your school wants to be involved

If you would like to be involved in the School of English Literacy Support Project (or would like more information about the project), please contact:

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