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Arthurian Literature Q33207
Consider the place of faith, religious or otherwise, in the Arthurian tradition Papadaki, Anna
Cognitive Poetics Q33104
Thinking Outside of the Box: A Text World Theory Response to the Interactivity of B. S. Johnson’s The Unfortunates Norledge, Jessica
DH Lawrence Q33336
How does the relationship between the body and mind function in two or more texts on the module? Grice, Annalise
Detective Fiction Q33371
The Chawton Murder Howarth, Grace
Discourse Analysis Q33106
Professional Identity within a Workplace Community of Practice Dorrington, Lindsey
Dreaming the Middle Ages Q33226
Does dream-vision poetry allow writers to confront, or to escape, the pressing issues of their time? Boyle, Sian
English Place-Names Q33220
Examine the value of place-names as evidence for the history, landscape and language(s) of your chosen area. Gregory, Rebecca
Language and the Mind Q33118
Language Processing in Bilinguals Thomas, Heather
Literature of British India Q33353
In ‘Can the Subaltern Speak?’, Spivak offers the sentence ‘White men are saving brown women from brown men’ as one interpretation of the relationship between coloniser and colonised. How far does this sentence reflect the representations of British dealings with India in the texts you have studied? Thompson, Lynsie
Modern British Fiction Q33371
Raymond Williams warned that in the course of ‘realising the new fact of the city, we must be careful not to idealise the old and new facts of the country’ (The Country and the City [1973]). Explore the salience of this belief about the relationship between urban and rural representation for regional fiction of the period. Rosie, Tanya
Nadine Gordimer and J.M. Coetzee Q33373
From your reading of Gordimer and Coetzee, do you think they have discharged their responsibilities, as novelists, effectively? Hemsworth, Kirsty
Patterns, Function, and the Description of English Q33117
Grammatical patterning in literary texts and Linear Unit Grammar in the dialogue of Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway Stone, Lucy
Performing Memory Q33502
One of the aims of performances about history is to make it possible for the spectators to see the past in a new or different way’, in other words, to remember it differently. How do your chosen plays or productions enable this changed remembering? Reynell, Yasmin
Post-Millennial Reformations Q33383
Ian McEwan claims that ‘besides emotional and sensual content’, novels should aspire to ‘have some muscularity of intellect, and engagement with the world’.1 Consider the aims of twenty-first-century writers in light of this statement. Robins, Timothy
Riotous Performance Q33512
Using at least two examples of onstage or offstage riotous performances, evaluate the ways in which reporting of events come to substitute for the events themselves: and ask how far can we know what really happened? Dolamore, Kathryn
Romanticism Q33380
What role does religion play in Romantic period writing? Cooper, James
Sex and Society Q33338
‘A man’s letters…are only the mirror of his breast, whatever passes within him is shown undisguised in its natural process. Nothing is inverted, nothing distorted, you see systems in their elements, you discover actions in their motives’. In the light of this statement, examine the use and reliability of subjective, first-person narration within the epistolary novel. Willis, Laura
Shakespeare and Jonson Q33601
“I thought that all things had been savage here” (As You Like It). What is the significance of journeys into wild spaces in The Tempest and Bartholomew Fair? Benjamin, Tui
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Q33218
How far do you consider that the literary qualities and characteristics of Pearl and Patience support the view that they were written by the same poet as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? Small, Oliver
Stylistics Q33112
Write a 3500-word essay discussing a theoretical or methodological debate or issue of your choice in the field of stylistics. Morgan, Stephanie
The Literature of the Anglo-Saxons Q33221  
‘Women are passive, the playthings of men or fate’: discuss in relation to the texts you have read. Richardson, Lucinda

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