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China and the Environment

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Economic Development and the Environment in China

An environmental economist, recent research of Dr Zhang focuses on the effects of globalization and economic development on the environment.



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Impacts of Chinese Labour and migration on the Environment

As an interdisciplinary scholar, the focus of Dr Bin Wu, researcher at The University of Nottingham, is on Chinese labour and migration at various levels (local, national and international) and impacts on environment, economic and social sustainability in the both sending and receiving communities.



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Chinese Energy Diplomacy for Global Security

China's need to secure oil supplies to fuel its burgeoning economy - the world's second-biggest oil consumer is driving it to form alliances with Sudan, Iran and other increasingly suspect oil exporters, raising alarm bells among the US and other western developed countries. Against this backdrop, Dr Hongyi Lai's research attempts to assess the implication of China's energy diplomacy for global security.




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